A Little Less than Love


To him she was painting, made in blood and flesh,
To him she was song, written in skin and bones.
To him her face was like the morning dew; all clear, calm and fresh,
He said she was a sparkling necklace, made up of precious stones.

He thought so differently about her, it made her smile and cry,
To the world she was maniac, no less than the wild rye.

He made her feel celestial, yet he called it less than love,
He looked in her deep brown eyes but never dared to dive.
She laughed her sorrows off with him, but never called it love,
She knew going ahead with this, would cost her a million lies.

He seemed to care for her so deeply,
She always reciprocated with a destructive solar flare.
It was until one day when his patience died, he crossed the barriers to fly,
It was then when she realized that her eyes had lost their glare.

It was his care and affection, that pumped her up with life,
With him gone away, she was left with nothing but sorrow.
That He would come back to bring her back at fife,
She waited with this hope, looking ahead to that happy tomorrow.

And when he did come back,
She held him like her life.
He wiped her tears quickly, before she started to crack,
Just this was how their story was set to ignite.

She held his hand and they looked into the mirror,
They saw all that was clear and nice.

They saw two; a dove with a rock dove,
And it exactly looked a little less than love!


How Expectations can Hurt like a Bitch!!

I don’t know..what I want to torture you with today!

I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things and right now, there’s a chaos that running up and down my mind about ‘What I am exactly Feeling.’

I don’t know.. Should I be writing poems about self-love?

I think..I should be gloating upon my new-found ‘victory’ of failing at things again.

Maybe, I should stop writing and get back to bed.

Or I think..I should just shut my mind to everything external and sit in solitude some day!

I think, these are mood swings that are pushing me away from sanity.

Or maybe, this is about the expectations that are never met.

Actually, its about coming out to myself with all the courage that I have. *I hope, you’re not thinking that I’m a loner..Don’t, even go there please*

I’m just someone who’s expecting a lot out of the world around me.*I should probably stop writing and delete this draft, but..I’m going to post this anyway*.

My folks want to know, why am I frowning at the laptop screen. My friends want to know what’s my relationship status. My colleagues want to know why I am not dressed well for the day..Everything and everyone wants an answer from me.

Well…and what I want..is..I don’t know..E V E R Y T H I N G, Maybe!!

I been holding myself since always. Not opening out to the people who mean the most to me..Well, because I expect them to understand every millimeter of my thoughts and all they end up with is..N O T H I N G!!

Expectations are these tiny bulb-like projections hanging by a thread between EVERYTHING & NOTHING!! *Meanwhile, I’ve tumbled my phone like a quintillion times, waiting for ‘God-knows-who’ to call. I don’t even feel like saying out a word..and still, I’m Expecting*


I think, I need to drop the act and say it straight: It’s not the world around us that creates a problem, It’s we who let ourselves build Expectations on some fairy-tale grounds. Once reality sets in, it hurt like a bitch and thus, we run out in all directions saying:“Expectations Hurt”.





Twenty-fourteen started just like every other year does..with smiles & celebrations. I’ve been busy eversince this year started, busy writing web contents at work which is why I haven’t had a chance to put up the first post of this New Year!!

Greetings to all!! *It isn’t too late to wish you all a very Happy New Year*.

1st January “every year”, we play angles with ourselves trying to rectify all our mistakes. *Resolutions, I’m talking about* We’re all just equally familiar with this resolution game, Right?! While some of us swear to cut down on junk food, others try making the most of their careers. *Different People, Different Resolutions*.

 I think..when you’ve got to do something, you’ve just got to do it. Tagging these things as resolutions is not really required. We make ‘resolutions’ and then go back at demolishing them within our. The word ‘resolution’ is made a mere understatement by us. Keeping a resolution isn’t tough, you just need to trick your mind into doing something you really want.

This is what I mean by the 'Resolution' Tamasha.

This is what I mean by the ‘Resolution’ Tamasha.

I’ve been thinking about a few *resolutions* too. Let’s not use this word ‘resolution’, Errrr..I think..‘I-gotta-do-it-lution’ is better!!

These aint things that I try to do this year. These are things that I WILL ACHIEVE THIS YEAR!!

Just 5 things and my year will be sorted!! Here’s what I’ve thought about.

T R A V E L!! Have I ever told you how much I want to explore every inch of the world around me. Just because my opportunities were bleak, I haven’t really worked towards it. This year feels to be just the right time to start with it!! So I’m going to travel to at least six places this year!! *Pssst..I just traveled to my hometown, a week back..solo!! It was epic*

W R I T E!! Besides my job, I will manage a new blog. *My Travel Experiences need to be shared somewhere, right!!

SHED THOSE EXTRA KILOS!! Okay!! This one’s outdated. But seriously, I’m not going to look at junk or sweets at least before I turn a year older *birthday*.

P.S: *I’m not fat, I’m on the a few kilos far from turning fat*

F O C U S!! More focus..More confidence!! More flamboyance!! More happiness!! More Concentration!!

SELF-LEARNING!! I’m going to teach myself, the art-of-staying-calm. Patience is something, I’m devoid of..and now is the right time to gather it!!

You have a list of ‘i-gotta-do-it-lution’?? Cut it short into pieces and them try walking on it!! It’ll feel achievable!!






Remember the times when, 
You did whatever you wanted to,
And everybody wondered,
What were you up to?

When you could go out,
And play in the mud,
Had no worries of studies,
Or turning into a nerd?

When you could sit in the park,
And could talk to your friends,
Had not to think of the fashion,
Nor of the trend?

When you wished your teacher,
With a flower in your hand,
And dreamt with your friends,
Of making own rock band?

When you started your birthday preparations,
A month in advance,
And to enjoy even a minute of life,
You never missed a chance?

When remembering things,
Wasn’t just so easy,
And a slight change in schedule,
Would only make you crazy?

When you felt lucky,
Every single day,
And admired everything,
As they came your way?

That was the time,yes,
When you were a child,
And a deep cut on the skin,
Wasn’t as mild.

Don’t you miss,
How it all used to be?
And do you wish,
It could come back, to you, and me?


Diksha Gupta