Quill Tattoo, Teesha Bhasin

The tattoo which means a lot to me. *Power*

And then, she sat down to write the finest story. It was going to be about her. She did not want to push her thoughts. Their natural flow is what she wanted to jot down on paper. She wanted to see how far her natural flair and creativity could go. She was done with fabricating her thoughts for the world to read it. She did not want fancy words to add volume to her story. She did not want to edit her draft. She did not want to re-write.

She wanted to be the writer who experienced the moment and wrote it down in a way that it could be re-lived by her and the people around her just like it originally was. She did not want to stop typing. She did not want to use backspace and she knew that this was going to be big. She wanted this for herself. She wanted to write endlessly. Maybe she wanted to lift the fear, the burden off her shoulders, her heart. And, the least of it, she knew she was going to get what she wanted. It was staring right at her. She had locked her gaze with it and she was going to get it. What was it? It wasn’t success. It wasn’t liberty. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t beauty. It wasn’t fame!! Then what was it?

 It was the belief that she could be what she wanted to be. Her pen could make her what she yearned for. Her pen could weave a place for her where there is love, success, liberty, beauty, fame and peace! She believed it and she was going to do it. She was going to use her pen as the wand that would bring everything she wanted in life on paper.

For her the words she penned down were not made of ink. They were her emotions and her dreams which took the blue-black hue. She wanted her feelings to be woven into a garland of beautiful words. Words that flew effortlessly on paper. Words which sounded the simplest but had the deepest meanings. She wanted her words to be subtle yet strong, dark yet lively, funny yet sensitive. She wanted that kind of thing for herself and her writing. She wanted to drain every drop of feelings and thoughts that she had, on paper. She wanted to see them out of her mind and heart, right infront of her. She wanted brilliance. She wanted grace and most of all, she wanted ELOQUENCE!



My Love for Writing!

*I promise I’m not going to go too long with this.*

I know, I’ve been over-doing this a lot lately. I also know that I’m not an excellent writer. Probably, I’m not even there where you can call me a writer. I don’t know what is it about writing which I just cannot let go. I love writing and maybe all my life, I’m going to go nothing but write.

I’m going to learn new things, explore myself as a writer, ditch all the grammatical errors that I do and apart from all this, I’m going express every emotion that comes to me by writing. My parents thought I’d be an engineer, but I definitely have other plans for my life.

Writing is the most real thing about myself that I’ve ever..ever came closer to. (Voice-cracking)

Why am I here infront of you with this?

Simple! I want you to say out loud and talk about all the things you love doing. Holding up your real self only because the world doesn’t seem to agree of it is sheer stupidity. You might not be excellent at what you want to do in life (Just like I’m not), but atleast you’ll know that you tried and you’ll eventually end up learning a lot in life.

Be fierce and you'll get everything you ever wanted in life.

Be fierce and you’ll get everything you ever wanted in life.

Write, Dance, Travel, Teach, Paint, Make Music, Be Creative and the most important of all, Be YOU!





‘We’ – The Women

**The sky lined with dark clouds, the trees fighting an unknown war, the rain from the sky: saddening and loud. Flooded roads echoing the cries and loud bangs of objects falling on earth with a glaring tail of light…an apocalyptic scenario. And, that is what exactly her state of mind was like. She was calm and composed on the surface, but inside there was a fire-bomb ticking, waiting for a trigger to explode!**

Every men on the face of earth, atleast once in his lifetime thinks of a women as a living being that is as complex, complicated and sometimes, even destructive as an apocalypse. *Well, some of it might even be true!*

We, the fairer factions of the world on the other hand have similar feelings for men. The only difference is that it is not limited to just once or twice in a lifetime. We’ll jump up and think thousand worse things about men, every time a man passes lewd remarks at us *And why not*. Each time your boyfriend dumps you, you’re (And, for that matter every girl) going to set out on a ‘Men-are-pathetic’ spree and give hateful looks to even the cutest guy who passes by *It’s okay, you can do that*.

Now, why have I started yapping this out without any ALERT, If that’s what you’re thinking; here: Women are complicated, Men can never understand a woman etc etc; Ain’t you fed up of listening to all these cliches? Oh, well I am! I’m certainly not disagreeing to the fact that we are complicated. Yes, we are and why not; the best treasures can only be found after going through a mind-wobbling maze.


And now, Dear Men : a little talk for you;

Unlike men, we’re sensitive and we overreact. And yes, I hate to roll this ball out but the basic nature of every woman is the same. *Not the ‘bad’ same, the good same*. We expect to much. The last thing you do in your life on earth to annoy a woman is to tell her to stop expecting. If you do that, it’s time for you to pack your bags and get out of her life.

Expecting things (not materialistic) is our favorite hobby. Tell us to do anything, but once you tell a woman that she’s expecting too much; Dude, eventually you’re going to be kicked out. * Repeat after me: Never tell or teach a woman about her expectations (Follow the same for shopping and make-up too).

Leaving the small things a side,we’re humans just like you are. We can be impatient, impractical and over-emotional but none of it makes us lesser than you in any way.

We’re stronger than you and its high time you admit it. No, I’m certainly not talking about the physical pains that we take in order to bear your kids, but we’re strong for the fact that we keep on looking beautiful and never stop smiling even when the hottest rod of life strikes.

No, I don’t mean to say that you need to start worshiping women and fulfill all their expectations. There are only a few things every woman would want a man to understand..and that’s just how simple it is.

(Also,the next time your girlfriend comes to you crying (watery eyes) to you, instead of shouting at her to stop being a cry-baby. Hold her, that’ll help. Your harsh words would seriously never soothe our problems, get this straight and get this right!! – One of them.)

You need to think of us more than someone who’s dabbled up in pink from head to toe. Please there’s much more meaning to a woman’s existence and identity than just her concealer, lipstick and mascara.

Womanhood is about a lot of strength!

Womanhood is about a lot of strength!

You need to quit underestimating a woman’s capacity to drive or fight. (If you still do, bet you haven’t heard about classy women like Lisa Kelly.)

No, no, no, I’m not nagging nor I’m complaining and neither am I telling you understand a woman, what I’m trying to put up here is that you need start treating women the way they deserve to be treated. We’re not for you to be treated as playstuffs. We’re not for you to be shouted at..and We’re certainly not for you to be manhandled!

**Okay, why am I so stirred up about men ill-treating women: you’ll find the reason here: REASON WHY AM FURIOUS TODAY!**

Monday Tomorrow :'(



7 Signs You’re a Big Time Foodie


I hope I’m keeping up with my promise of reaching here with posts regularly.

So..sitting and thinking about what I’m going to post today..!!


*Still Thinking*

*On the Way*

*Got it*

We’ve been going through a lot of ‘5 Signs, 10 Things, a Million Rules of ABC, XYZ’ over the Internet these days. Why not, go ahead with ‘7-Signs/Things/Rules Series’, I’m thinking!!

Okay, so let’s begin with:

7 Signs You’re a Big Time Foodie (\m/)

Number 1: Your 60 posts out of 70 on Instagram are Only About Foooodddd: Yes, agree to this one. You’ve just joined Instagram a week back and already you have 40 posts in your account, most of them about food. You’re foodie if the sight of brownies and ice-cream makes your tongue tremble and your camera click a picture.

Food and Instagram are the best friends you have!

Food and Instagram are the best friends you have!

Number 2: Whenever you’re bored at work, you literally open up Pinterest and Weheartit looking for some yummy food. Pasta, Pizza, Desserts; you literally salivate at the sight of these all.

Yum Yumm Yummmm says your mind!

Yum Yumm Yummmm says your mind!

Number 3: The most exciting thing about the weekend for you is the buffet you’re planning to visit with your friends. ‘Eat whatever you want’, what more than this can be a way to relax during the weekend.

And Your Life gets a new Meaning

And Your Life gets a new Meaning

Number 4: And, Oh not to forget, Zomato is your best friend!

Ohh going out for dinner?? Checked Zomato yet!!

Ohh going out for dinner?? Checked Zomato yet!!

Number 5: Whenever you walk into your favorite restaurant, you only order one particular dish and you’ve been doing that for years altogether. ( And thus, I’m a foodie :P)

I'll have a Pasta always!!!

I’ll have a Pasta always!!!

Number 6: Situation: You’re traveling to a new place. The first thing you try doing there as much as of ‘the cuisine’ you can. You actually think of traveling the world someday for your love for the food.

Tibetan Food, Chinese Food, Italian Food and Bengali..Foodd!

Tibetan Food, Chinese Food, Italian Food and Bengali..Foodd!

Number 7: You can exactly tell where a box of Dominos pizza has been opened around you, which one it is and how much oregano has gone into it.



So, Are you a foodie?? Here are a few levels :)

What's your level?? I m a Super Foodiee!!

What’s your level?? I m a Super Foodiee!!


Happy ‘Foodie-ing’



I’m a Woman and This is 2014

Women clad in sarees with their ‘ghoonghat’ ( as we Indians say it) reaching their navels; sounds 1950ish to you? Wait up.. until you read what I’m just about to type in next!

I’m putting up in the capital city of Punjab. It’s obvious that people, especially women here are independent, strong and bold (well..most of them, don’t forget its I N D I A.)  Seeing women with the ‘ghoonghats’ not leaving their faces is something ‘not-very’ but somewhat rare here nowadays (Atleast I thought that way). Okay, so you want to know what exactly happened and why I’m reaching out to you with this? Here’s what it is about:

My Grandma had to be operated upon yesterday ( a minor surgery), so while I was sitting in Waiting Lounge for Patient’s Attendants, I saw these two women. Now what was so ‘attractive’ about these women were their veils which were reaching down to their navels..and LITERALLY, down to the navel. A kid was clutching onto the finger of one of these women, while the other was blindly following the footsteps of the man who accompanied them. (Of course, blindly..with veils under the effect of gravity, they had to follow someone in order to avoid falling down). They sat next to me, I couldn’t help but observe them keenly. All I could make out was that the woman clutching the kid was his mother and the man was her husband, while the other woman was the man’s sister. Also, other thing that I noticed was, that they did not let their faces get any air until the man was around! And, as soon as the man left those two, they hurriedly freed themselves of the ‘primitive masks’. I was…My..face was..Man..I was..I don’t know Speechless. I mean, Ya okay..We’ve all heard stories about women still living the 1940ish-50ish lives in some parts of India, but really looking at this midst the hocuspocus of a hospital set-up one of the most neoteric cities in India…it was FREAKING ME out.

And, now about this man…When he crossed me to sit next to his wife,all I could or for that the entire lounge could smell of nothing but the ‘Beedis’ he might have smoked a decade ago. With a mole on his right cheek and yellow-to-orange-turning-black teeth, he looked no less than one of the minions of Virappan to me. I was freaking out and his man, was checking out another girl, aged 13 maybe sitting right across the room, only because she was dressed in a pair of  shorts and half-sleeves t-shirt ( I mean..not a halter, not a tank top, a simple t-shirt which really made her look ‘plain-jane’. Had she been dressed in something more ‘comfortable’ (I’ll say) God knows what this man might have done.)

I'm a Woman and this is 2014

I’m a Woman and this is 2014

The thing here is: This is 2014 that we’re living in.. Come On..Can you please stop making the women of your house feel like their some living puppets for you?? It’s the age where women are creating the rules of the society and flying high when it comes to their professions. Have you ever though what’s wrong?

Is the flaw in our ‘so-called values’?

Actually, I think..the problem is we are living in 2014, but we’re thinking in 1947..Stiilll..a lot of us.

Only because the anatomy of a woman is different and much more interesting than a man, it leaves them in no place to exploit us when they want. *Remember, A woman is much more powerful than you are, Thanks to this Anatomy*.

I’m furious, and I’m going to say this loud:

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I refuse being bound by veils, whips and chains.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I take pride in living my life the way I want.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I will wear my heart on my sleeve.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I refuse to live by the olden patriarchal norms.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I’m going travel the world all alone.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I will hang-out when I want and with whom I want.

I’m a woman and this is My Life!

Head Held High