Standing on the edge of the cliff with her head held down.

A moonlit night.

Her gaze is piercing every ripple of water..

For her,it was all there and it was always gone..!!

and then..

Thoughts cross over, running a marathon, smashing into one another..!!

With moist cheeks, pale dry lips..eyes staring deep into the water.. Into the serenity, depth and peace of the sea..!!

Her heart was melting by now..!!

Just a step..forward or backward..!!

Emotions and sadness overpowered and played catalyst to help her decide..!!

With fingers twisted..heart pounding.. a last Cry..!!

The wind playing with her hair..!!

Peaceful silence..”Let it Go”..

A deep breath.. *SIGH*..

Eyes closed..Body light..and..

.. A step ahead..a leap.. the inviting water..distance lessened.. Air gushes..*peace*..finally..

the feet tear the water sheet…


She cannot swim..!!

Buoyant forces..!!

..slowly the pull takes over..fishes..silver gaze. deep green darkness.. *EYES SHUT*…

Water Bed then, Coffin now..!!!

– Facebook note by me.. Wanted to share it here.


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