Girl Power.



With every morning, every sunrise; there might be atleast one good memory of the day that you just left.

Every Guy you refuse to date might regret your absence.

Every person who doesn’t know you is missing something in life.

All these things and many more about being a Girl should make you go High.

It  is a Girl’s World.

Guys, You might take us to be complicated or confused.

Its all about Multitasking which you will never know.

Wanting something badly and getting it out of all odds is something about will power that you might never have, ( in context to the Little Black Dress,The hot red pumps,a Dark Kohl, mixed and matched with the right Attitude).

Sweethearts,There are 1000 lovely things about making yourself feel Important.

The way you drive, look, smile, cheat, shop, eat, dance, laugh, gossip.

Everything about being a Girl is Special.

Embrace it and bring it more grace.


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