I know it’s time to pour out prayers for Boston, Iran and Texas. I am deeply sorry for the lives lost. It is very sad to hear about such disasters occurring in different corners of the world. Talking of disasters, Boston saw a Man-Made/planned disaster while Iran and Pakistan fell prey to the hands of a natural disaster and Texas saw a fatal Industrial disaster. Have you ( if you are an Indian) ever given it a thought that what kind of disaster India is facing.

Social disaster, I say it is. We Indians never stop showing off our newly constructed highways, malls, newly framed policies, education reforms and what not. This is an era in India when Women Empowerment is discussed and talked about the most. National policies have been up, but have these policies helped?- Really??!! Are they??

What I fail to understand is that how does framing a policy which talks of gender and social equality do any greater good to the Indian Women.





National Policy for the Empowerment of Women ( 2001), instigates me to bring forward this issue. You should have a look at these goals and aims it offers.

The very first goal of our policy says  “Creating an environment through positive economic and social policies for full development of women to enable them to realize their full potential”— Seriously?!?!?! What policies, What environment does this statement proves to create? An environment where 60% of women in India still face domestic violence ?? This statement in itself is irony.

Let’s move to the next one, ” enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom by women on equal basis with men in all spheres – political, economic, social, cultural and civil “– This one makes me choke!! How many women in India are actually enjoying such positions?? 10%..20%..30%.. Okay, times have changed maybe 40%..Still what about the rest 60%?? Equal basis with men on a social front?? Really??

The third one, “Equal access to women to health care, quality education at all levels, career and vocational guidance, employment, equal remuneration, occupational health and safety, social security and public office etc.”— Health Care– A large number of women die of pre-mature and early age pregnancies in India. Education– Look at the rural areas, not all of them have adopted the phenomena of ‘Importance of Girl Child’ yet. Career– Almost every middle class family today,wants to get their girl married by the age of 25..maybe 27 maximum. What career and what success can any women see within 3-4 years of finishing her education. Occupational health and safety, security— India is one of those countries on the map of the world which sees the largest number of cases of sexual harassment and abuse at the workplace.

The goals which follow these three are even more.. ironical..I’d say.

Not that I am pointing flaws in the policy framing body of our country, instead I am trying to provoke a thought about why..why even with strict laws and such strong policies, India has not yet seen the era of complete women empowerment.

I don’t see equality. I don’t see empowerment. I don’t see a bright picture when it comes to this. Where are the loopholes? Have you ever given it a thought?

I see them everywhere, these flaws and these loopholes start brewing from the childhood itself. Several times we might say that the world has changed, India is a better place for women than it was a few years before, every woman knows inside; that there is still a fear, still a force that holds her back and makes her think twice before deciding even the smallest things in life.

Okay, woman in urban areas don’t care about things. India is not only about Metropols, what about the villages, small towns and cities?

I feel hurt, when I try to put up the image of an Indian Women in 2013. All I see is an image of the mixed Indian woman. This woman wears a torn saree with shoes from Steve Maddens, holding a bottle of a superior wine in one hand and clutching the finger of her hungry child with the other. It’s cluttered. Why such an imbalance?

Is the government at mistake? Or is it us? We want to change how the society thinks and reacts to any rebellious act of a girl, but have we ever stopped popping our eyes on seeing a girl smoking in public. It’s normal and okay,these days I know.. But it does make you raise an eyebrow maybe just for a fraction of a millisecond.

India isn’t actually sure about what it really wants from its women. India is in a  confused state about whether to send its women for international pageants or whether to throw all the household burdens on her shoulders.

What kind of woman is an Indian women today??? A mere blend of ‘Sanskaars‘ and lingerie without any social stand??


I think it’s time to say ‘ Charity begins at home’, I am no one to point fingers at any policy or social set-up till the time I don’t banish my mind of all the stigmas.

This country needs proper women power to  get channelized into one missile to improve the status of woman in every house and gully of India.

I, you or even Mrs. Kiran Bedi alone cannot bring Women Empowerment into play. It is a team-work.

The status of a woman in India has changed, no doubt about it. But it still lags behind in a lot ways.

This isn’t a wake up call..not even an anti-Indian women policy article..neither it aims at questioning our upbringing..nor does it attacks the society. This is something that every women..every women..has it in her mind..atleast for a minute every day.


I love my country for the integrity and the values it installs within us. It is one of the most diverse country’s of the world.

I am not an Anti India Indian.



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