A perfect sunset on a perfect beach.

The white sand feels so nice and the calmness of the sea even better,

The only thing that doesn’t feel good is the Truth.


The look in your eyes not the same anymore.

I stand in the street, stream of tears flooding my face,

I thought you would always be there for me.

I’m walking back home, struggling my way through this thick darkness.

Those glittering memories rush through my mind.

A little further I go, it’s getting too cold for me to walk ,my knees lock;

I stand.

The autumn leaves creating a song,

Song for the lost soul..for the lost love.

It feels like all of it was just a fling to you.

Tongue cut, throat choke,

Its getting too tough for me to accept this.

An empty street.. And.. A silence..that pinches me on the inside..!!

Gathering myself, next step I take..towards.. towards where it ends..!!

Walking by the old church,a wave of peace crosses my mind,

I stop, stare and ponder..over..what I don’t have..what I miss..what I lost.!!

The wind whistled once again..!!

Still staring at the church, there is something that crosses through me and gets to my mind.

It wants 2 say.. **Sigh** it says ” Take a Leap, Don’t Regret”.

Another step, off 2 my place..There I stand with a surprising peace,

At the gate.. On the doorway, the mat says “Welcome” .

I turn around 2 take a look n there you are..standing behind.. and all i do is Smile.. and say is “Goodbye”..!!


After every piece of sorrow..awaits a world of Joy. 🙂

*Updated Version of a Facebook note, I wrote a few years back*


One thought on “*Sigh*

  1. Pretty Awesome !

    Sometimes we have to burn bridges .. and sometimes we have to mend them … to choose one is always difficult, but whatever you choose (plz don’t regret)..take further steps with love, kindness, grace leaving your own signatory touch.

    Grow up, Move on, Be strong ..but … NEVER loose yourself ; after all this is all what you have and what you will ever have.

    Have an awesome life journey.

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