The *Final* 15-day Break-up and Patch-up Story

**The Situation : 4 years of relationship, 2 people..deeply, madly and completely in love with each moment, fight like cats and dogs the other.**

Now, this is a typical scenario within ( almost ) every long-term relationship these days. Often you reach out to a friend in such a situation. Let’s have a look at how it goes.


” We broke up last night on a final note.”

How often have you heard a friend say this to you ? How often have you broken the news of your break-up with your boy/girlfriend to your friends ? I am sure, you’ve lost count..!!

Do remember saying things like this !!



DAY : 5

” He never loved me, He didn’t even try to talk to me once. No messages, No calls, No Whatsapp..!! I’m fine with it, I won’t call either , let him burn in hell.”

While your insides ā€Žreminiscence in the similar fashion

DAY : 10

” I miss him. I miss our phone-calls and those ice-cream dates, all those hugs and kisses. I love him. What do you say, should I call him ? “

And the word ‘final’ start getting a new meaning

DAY: 15

* Smiling wide* ” He called last night, we apologized and are getting back together.”

*Love jingles* ‘let him burn in hell has a new definition by now’


So that’s how it goes. The Regular 15-days- Cyclic “Final” Break up Story.

The Moral of Story is :

That’s about the getting back

When in love; fights and temporary break-ups are just means of making yourself realize that how much you’re in love with the other person. Believe in this and relationships will become easier. must fight and break-up ( It’s a must)..a then kiss-and patch-up within 15 days.

Have a happy love life. šŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “The *Final* 15-day Break-up and Patch-up Story

  1. awsmeeeee.,.,.,.,very true also usually it happns like this ….hope i my case also this will hppn i will b da hppiest prsn on planet

  2. its been 2 months now im trying to get her back she says she has lost all feelings bcoz there were small problems going on b/w us last half year. she still says she cares for me but i dont know whats happening to her. She says she can never see me as that guy again. I am broken and shattered. I have tried everything possible but maximum time i didnt contact, msg or call her was 4 days.

    Please help me

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