Switching from Money to Passion : The Process of Changing Career

It’s amazing to listen to stories like, XYZ was working as a Managing Director with some pricey firm and gave up the job to make a career in music. Some of these stories turn out to be a success while some transform into a fiasco. There are several such stories around us, success stories mostly. Talking of such career changing stories, how can we forget our very own Chetan Bhagat, the author, columnist and speaker now, who left his job as an Investment Banker in 2009 to take up life as a writer..and..he did create a commotion in India with his writings. His choice of switching his career gave India not one, but many brilliant writers. ** I’m not trying to bring his accolades to bright light,here.**

The Crossroads Denom
The Crossroads Demon

Today,changing career is the new wave in India. People are taking courage to switch from a job that brings them a hefty bank balance to a job that they’re passionate about. We knowย ,India has suffered from the ‘Engineering-epidemic’, everyone and anyone wants to be an engineer. The situation today is such that there are more number of engineers * Unemployed, baffled and lost * than the opportunities in our country. Not everyone who makes it to an engineering college is able to carve a niche for himself in the professional world. We need to to understand that engineering is a hot career option only when you are able to make it to a prestigious institution and are passionate about dealing with hard-disks, computer software, electrical circuits, gears & bearings, cement…and..all those apparently glossy engineering relatives. * I’m trying to say is that for a great career you need to be passion-driven.*


**Why am I writing this : Yes, because I’m smack in the middle of a cyclone called Career-ina**

Switching from one work category to another does not come easily to everyone. There are a lot of risks involved. You need to realize and decide keeping all the factors in mind that when you are to switch to a different career. Usually, switching career occurs at a later stage in our country. ** You are walking on 34, You have a family.. you’re bored with the grey suit, you see meetings at lunch, no less than a calamity, It’s usually the situation when an average Indian decides he wants a change.** This may sound too late to switch. There is pressure from the society, family and every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world. “You just can’t flip it because you’re bored”, ” You have a family to support “, ” You just can’t risk all that money, you’re making for a passion”…and what not..you hear from people to whom you turn to for an advice. No doubt, its late..but better late than never. You cannot spend next 25 years of your life doing something that does not excite you. I feel, this will only leave you with regrets of not doing things you wanted to do all your life, professionally.

Think hard!!
Think hard!!

Changing career, even before it begins is still a safer option. You have time to analyze what you want to do, what amount of hard-work you’ll have to put in. It’s okay to graduate in commerce and end up choosing dance on the professional front. *I’m not telling you to be impulse-driven here*. Don’t just change it because you’re bored, do it because you don’t want to earn boring..do it because you want to settle, and make the best out of your option. I know, many of you would say, why leave a 70K pay package for something which you can continue simultaneously **Really!!! How many of you can follow dance passionately and attend meetings and give presentations all in just a week..even if you can..can you be happy…I’m sure, a lot of people might even manage, but there is still a good percentage of people who cannot**

Avoid this
Avoid this

Keep a lot of things in mind before you seriously choose heart ( passion) over mind ( money ).

  • Choose an area of interest very carefully. Self-analysis is must here. If you’re not genuinely a singer, don’t give up that cubicle of yours.
  • After you’re positive of what you want to do, Make sure that you search about everything related to it as a profession. ( like, will you have to join some course, what are the working areas and then of course how much money will you be able to make out of it. **You need to ย have a practical outlook**.
  • Demonstrate patience. Nothing will come to you in a minute. You will have to be motivated, dedicated and patient. Be prepared.
  • Keep calm and make a list of the risks involved. With proper planning, no passion can ever turn into a waste, Believe in this.
Embrace freedom!!
Embrace freedom!!

You can do it is the mantra. Think about it : If you can work in finance for 7 years of your life, while loving music, you can definitely do wonders with putting both your mind and heart into music.

There are obstacles, I know. Social pressure, being the biggest of all. Let go it, embrace passion. When you’re passionate, you can never fail.

** I believe it, I’m going to walk on it, whether I fail or succeed, I wont be left with regrets about not following what I loved to do, in the end. I will be the only person responsible for my actions, my career choices won’t be society-driven.**

” Follow your dreams and passion, and success will find its way to you one day. “



7 thoughts on “Switching from Money to Passion : The Process of Changing Career

  1. Hie,

    You hit the nail girl ๐Ÿ™‚

    One more such story- Shankar Mahadevan , he was working with Oracle.

    My take on this Career confusion (totally personal views). Currently I am switching my minds between 2 career options , whether to continue with my profile or try what I always wanted to be. Apart from this mind juggling , which shoulder to rely on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. I find composure in writing ..

    The point I want to make is .. at times you do things just for yourself , not for the sake of money or making a living. I will suggest to keep one of your hobbies as a hobby only .. the passion it generates should be enough to uplift your mood/ creativity/ productivity. Something where you can fall back to whenever you need to.

    Gratify yourself , choose the path what your heart says. Heart dominates mind and its never other way around. First fully convince yourself and get ready to rock n roll ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good Luck.

    1. I dint know about Shankar Mahadevan, You’ve added another name to my list of if-they-can-i-too.
      Im trying to bring a balance between what I want to do..and what I should do, the process involves immense mind-stressing activities,trust me..

      I’ll hold onto that suggestion. It will totally help me( and everyone else in the same situation,who read this) analyze things from practical point of view.

      A big Thanks . ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. wowwwww.,.,.,.,just wake up nd this is the frst thing i saw.,.,nd yessss feelin very cmfrtble with what m doin currently.
    It us smthin like u said “I will be the only person responsible for my actions, my career choices wonโ€™t be society-driven”
    Actually recently i have also done smthin u said in ur blog nd got many resistance bt today i felt tht yes wt m doin is atlst satisfyin me rght now.

    1. I’m glad that someone could relate to what I’ve written. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for going through this and sharing your experience on the topic ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Loved it….. woke me up from my dreams of changing my career and made me think abt the risks involved but also inspirational now i will follow my heart but with proper analysis. “Think b4 u act” but do not wait till 34….

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