World’s ‘We want to look good’ obsession

” Do you think I should braid my hair ? “

” Should I wear this blue shirt or that green one with these black pants ? “

” Do you think my nose looks a little absurd ? I think I need a nose job. “

” I am looking fat in this dress. “

Apart from food, water, oxygen, work and social networking, these statements form a part of our daily life too. Today, life has gained a competitive edge. It is literally chasing the speed of light. Everyone wants to be the best in everything, be it academics, co-curriculum activities and what not. Looking good is another grand aspect of everyone’s life today. From a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old, everybody wants to look good. Wanting to look good is practically a form of mass-obsession today. We want to look good 24/7; while at work, while at school/college, while shopping, while going out with friends, while eating, while sleeping, technically, while breathing. Choosing the right clothes, the right shoes and everything else to match is a big every morning project for each of us today.

Why do we want to look good is the question here. Looking good is more of necessity today than it is a desire. Personal grooming adds a lot of confidence to our lives. Today looking good is about presenting yourself in the best possible way. Everyone has his/her own reason to look good. Men and Women, both have a few similar and lot of different reasons to look good.



Women want to look good because they are women. We know how women are famous for spending a good amount of time admiring themselves in the mirrors.

Always and forever, diamonds and mirrors will be a woman’s best friends.

Also we are aware about the fact that the majority of money that a beauty salon makes is from a woman’s pocket. Looking good is nothing new for women. Use of lipstick can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamian society. From Cleopatra to Kristen Stewart, good looks and grooming oneself have always been the prime issues for women. Seems legit to state that women are biologically coded to have a desire to look good. Today, news some reasons have found their ways to the list of why women want to look good.

Women feel its necessary to look immaculate professionally as well as personally. On the professional front, it is considered cliché to look good and presentable. It’s a method of maintaining a personal identity; an impression. Of course, wooing the boyfriends and grabbing some green-eyed attention has always been the reasons when it comes to the personal grounds.


It’s not just about women when it comes to looking good. Men have been showing equal interests in grooming themselves for better looks. From facials to tweezing the eyebrows, now-a-days, a man makes sure he follows his regular grooming regime. For them, looking good is about grabbing attention from the girl and maintaining a lofty professional strata.

Is my left profile better than my right profile?

Men are more obsessed with fashion statements at times than women. **How can we forget to mention the love for shoes that men display almost everywhere.**


All this look good, being prim and proper has laid ample effects on the society. It’s positive to look good but being obsessed with looking good is not socially healthy. We, as a society have become driven by superficiality. Maintaining a balance is important. Not everything that glitters is gold, is what we need to absorb. No doubt, good looks lay a strong personality but there are other binding factors too that get ignored under the shine of good looks. If it is mandatory to look good, it is also mandatory to feel good on the inside, as a person.



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