The little red dress : Girl’s new best friend

” When in doubt, wear red.”

The fierce red

How many times have you followed this ultimate fashion fact. Red has always been the last-minute pick up clothing for every occasion. For ages now , we know how the little black dress has been the prime choice for every date or an-evening-out-with-friends and we also know that red has always been ‘the’ color. And when both the little and the red come together to craft out ‘The little red dress’, the magic is created.

Nothing brings more confidence and grace to a girl than a perfect little red dress that hugs her body like a lover. A red dress can be worn in many ways. You can accessorize it to look cute, sexy, sweet or anything you want. The little red dress of yours can be a splendid option when going out for a lunch. Be it an afternoon or an evening event, you can never go wrong with red.

Combining a little red dress with those black high heels, letting your smokey eye make-up out, plus the red puckered lips can do the best trick and make you look sexy in seconds.

For the day, you may throw a cropped denim jacket over your little red dress and maybe, a pair of long boots with a pair of good sunglasses is all.

With a little red dress in your closet, you can never go wrong. So hunt down a good red dress, if you don’t have one and get ready to paint the town red.




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