GUEST POST : Is India Feeling Locked-up ?

Locked up – not literally , instead it has a deep meaning with reference to this article which you will be able to understand towards the end of this article. Till then, have patience my friends and read on.

India is my country, and I am proud to be an Indian. I have so much to talk about it, from army to navy, from various religions to their festivals and from the much celebrated Indian culture to the upcoming technologies. Its my pride to describe more and more about the culture, which India is globally famous for. But one thought that makes me wonder is, how can some people be so insensitive ?

I am a strong believer of the ‘techno-age‘ , a word I use to define the era of technology. Technology is a means of making way for broader thinking and today people from every walk of life, get to use these new advancements.
The main message behind my article is to show how the lack of even proportion of technology and advancements , has lead to the creation of two groups in the country. One, growing and broadening it’s thinking and paving new ways of development. Second, is on the same level of un-awareness as it was during Independence. Throwing light on the second of class people, it’s important to mention that these people are not those only from the BPL ( Below Poverty Line ), but they definitely are from those under-developed areas which are unaware of development as well as modernization, which includes the growing western culture. Yes, the bitter truth is that there are still such areas in India which are untouched by the shimmer of development and technology.

When people from the latter group come to the former’s area to try their luck and make some earnings, they come across so many new and high-tech features of the developed areas. Also they see the living of the former group, which is entirely different from their’s. Naming one, In the urban area these people are introduced to the western wear ,which makes them appear like the modern youth. The latter group wants to attain everything at once which creates chaos. The growing rape cases, mostly involves the former group being the victim and the latter category being the guilty.  I’m not saying that people from the rural area are low and that they are bound to commit heinous crimes such as Rape.

Why this happens ? Uneven proportion of development in the country makes some areas so well-developed that they are exposed to modernization, whether it be new technology or way of dressing. The broader thinking doesn’t allow to look modernization in a desperate way. While people from the under-developed area see this new era and try to get over-excited about the events around them, thus leading to crimes.

The youth wants to eradicate these crimes, but is this possible without the help of our government ? Even if the government took measures , the need is to provide equal development in every per square meter area of the country. But this is what the government is not able to do. It wants to, but somehow it focuses on the already developed areas, rather than bringing the rural areas to match up the level of the former.

So, all I want to convey is that this level of disparity in the degree of development in the rural and the urban area is one of the root cause of such crimes that are taking place around us.

This  is what makes India feel locked-up. India is helpless.






   Megha is a youth , by generation, and seriously not a writer ,          neither by profession nor as a hobby.

 When asked Megha about what she feels about writing, this is    what she has to say :

 “It probably is my way of expressing thoughts that make me  wonder WHY . ‘Why’ is something that often comes into my mind  when I get to learn about many ongoing events in this nation. I can write on a topic when I’m thinking about it’s whammy , either on me or on the society. The strength of the articles , written by me, is only the language I use , it’s more simple than fancy. The urge to pen down my thoughts on any piece of paper or in my lock-and-key diary , helps me to make ways of obtaining peace. I am brought up in a middle-class environment, where we do not have the medium or contacts to raise our voice against the injustice or the evil-events going throughout the nation. So, I set my limits to my diary and write bold thoughts and emotions, as a method of expressing grief ( I even write when I’m damn upset ). Even a method of feeling relieved , when you’re hiding a secret, is to write it down.

So I hope my work makes you wonder and also makes you think ‘ Why ‘ . This is all about myself .




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