Defining the Lover’s Love : Its a Comical Chaos

**“Empty mind is Devil’s workshop”, I’m going to prove this tonight. You are going to succumb to this post and I’m sorry for that.**

NO!! I’m no relationship expert. And NO, This article has nothing to do with the beauty or whatever..of love. I’ve been thinking about a few weird, call it funny, things lately and Love just happens to be one of those. NO ( Number 3 ) not about the red roses, the stolen kisses or the bear hugs; just about love. What is love ??..I know, you and even I would, use all those heavy words ( trust, care, concern, intimacy, understanding…blah..blah..blah..) to define love. Another ( I promise, the last ) NO, I am not using blah..blah..because I’m deprived of love or something.

Lover’s love..I mean..there are so many forms and types of love these days, I couldn’t resist mentioning it.

How did the world..the people conceive the idea of Love..Loving ? Is Love really an emotion ? The way we feel love ( the butterflies and the day dreaming ) is that how it is meant to be felt ?

**I know, its stupid. Please tolerate**

Why is Love called L O V E and not something else..why not H A K U N A  M A T A T A.

* Silly* But just try replacing love when you say I love you..with I Hakuna Matata you. **Laughs** What if the person who coined the term ‘Love’, coined some other term instead.

How is it that we know that love is what we call  it ?

There are a bazillion phrases, quotes, pictures about love. People have their own ways of defining it. Surprisingly, I have none. I don’t know how I would define love. It is not as simple as it seems. I might choose gibberish over love sometime in my life.

For people reading this, Love might just be a simple emotion.. a simple connection..But is it really that simple. I mean after all the ‘Friendship’ phase to ‘ I like you ‘ phase to ‘I love you’ phase and then over to the ‘ Soul-mates ‘ phase..Is it all that simple? There are just so many phases and further steps involved…an irreversible chemical reaction sounds better than this.

“Happily falling in love”..come on.. I just don’t get this.. Sounds like happily falling in a dark well. Why happy..while you fall..!! Or why fall while you’re happy..!!

If Love was a real person and had a twitter account, It would have been the most followed person ever.

I know, you’re probably confused with what I’m trying to say. It is just that.. Things, feelings and emotions; around us, known to us..are they even real. Are you in love because you really are in love ? Or is it because the entire world around you is in Love ?

With love being worshiped all over, Is love really happening all over ?

Is Love really what you think it is ?

This is all I mean

I’m still wondering.. What are you thinking about ?!?



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