Search-Engine Optimization : Central Idea

The World Wide Web, as we know it is a conglomerate of a huge amount of websites. Websites are further, collection of web pages. For websites to work and be presented before the user, search engines come into play. They have a crucial role in the working and listing of a website. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most phenomenal method of making your website stand out and helps draw many visitors to it.


Search engine optimization as the name suggests, is a procedure where you can optimize the search engine to offers better availability to your website. It improves a website’s ranking so that it seems at a better place when searched for. A website requires optimization to attract a more audience. This in turn generates traffic to a website, improving the amount of business that can be drawn out of it.

SEO i.e short for Search Engine Optimization is a significant part of Internet marketing and commerce. It has few broad fundamentals as its base; the method of searching and the keyword approach are some of them. SEO consists of few widely famous modes of optimizing a website. Associating HTML tags to a website and enhancing the number of inlinks/backlinks are some techniques used in SEO. Search engines bring the number of inlinks into use so differentiate a website’s ranking from another. A website with higher number of these inlinks are said to be at a greater rank than the others with lesser number of inlinks. Inlinks or Backlinks are links that connect a web page to another external or internal webpage.

Searches are performed by search engines with the help of specific algorithms. A crawler is used to get links from a website when it is submitted and next, it is indexed. A crawler or a spider basically downloads and store the web page information to a server and it is from here that the indexing program begins to do its job.

Keyword approach is another method for improving the website’s ranking. Searches are performed by users by typing in search terms. When these keywords are entered into the search engine, the algorithms work on these given keywords and the websites with the highest keyword density are presented before the user. Putting up content rich with related keywords helps boost up the website ranking and is one of most efficient techniques that are used in Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are closely related to each other. A website which is optimized using the SEO techniques brings good business to the website, for a better revenue from the website it is important to it promote in a technically advanced way. Optimizing a website is a must and brings economical gains.

Search Engine Optimization is therefore, a brilliant technique and a definite requirement for websites to carve their personal identity and space on the world wide web today.




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