GUEST POST :Be Updated – Is the New Human Breed any kind of Software ?


Hello ! I’d like to welcome you again, to go through my article, and as I mentioned earlier , about myself in my previous article, that I hope my piece of work makes you think ‘Why’ .
So this time my topic is a bit practical and like me, many of the youth outside have experienced the pressure in today’s need of being ‘Updated’ , atleast once in their lifetime.

I want to make a point in my article that I’m not leading any person, of any age group, to deny the urge of acquiring knowledge about the latest techniques or be purely dependent on others for any sort of information.

The youth today, wants to be independent. They want to learn, work, earn and mark their names on the efficient employee list. No matter what kind of job they do, whether it be small or big, the youth want to stand on their own feet.

Ofcourse, they’ll have to start it from somewhere, and the most common ‘first step’ in the success ladder is to find a suitable job in a company. They go through a number of rounds , clear them , and some get rejected. Then finally comes , the most important round, personal interview, where a group of people sit on the other side of the table to decide your existence in their company or not . No matter how many rounds you clear, but the personal interview can either ruin your efforts or it may make it worth your efforts.

Personal interview entirely depends upon the candidate’s personality, so it could match up the company’s standards. And also to judge , how much the candidate is Updated.
Nowadays the interviewer needs a candidate, who has already acquired the knowledge he/she requires in that specific job, which the company is providing. The company , instead of teaching the candidates or providing knowledge to him/her , wants to drain every bit of knowledge from the him.

They are not interested in making the candidate Learn. For commercial gain, only those candidates are chosen, who are Updated. Updated to the newer means technology and reduce the company’s investment cost.

This new trend in the industrial sector makes me wonder , Is the new human breed a kind of software , which needs to be updated ?

People create software and update them accordingly. But God , The Almighty, didn’t create the human to be updated with every knowledge of the new technology, rather God created its men to Learn.




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