GUEST POST: Life of a Loser


Loser’ . Ahh ! What a small word it is. We all know what it means, and definitely none of us wants to be in the category of an ‘L’. Do we know why ??

Its simple reason being we all believe that such people are worthless and they are not having any standard in our so-called ‘society’. But , what is our society ? It’s a crowd, which we all are a part of. There is another category of people in this society, called the ‘winners’. They are loved by everyone. But ‘to succeed in life, you must have the courage to be hated’ ,as stated by Paulo Coelho ( The Alchemist ).

Loser and winners are an important part of the society’s crowd. There is a very small difference between these two categories . The winners work hard for their goals and fortunately, they get it. While the losers , don’t win much . But we can’t be judgemental and say that the losers don’t deserve to get any acknowledgement from our society.

To be a winner, you have to be a loser in the first place. A winner gets what he wants from life , but  does’nt exposes himself to the various phases and characters of life.

‘Practice makes man perfect’ , this phrase has always inspired me so many times. But on the contrary , I know there is no such thing called perfection. Being imperfect is a part of life on its own. We should love being imperfect. Also these practices include numerous losers.

I might have deviated from the subject, but talking about the perfection and imperfection was as important point , leading my article to its conclusion.

So , coming back to my article’s title about the ‘life of a loser’, which has never been easy. You have a loser in yourself and trust me , it’s not an evil thing . Being a loser keeps you humble , and down to earth. A loser experiences more from life than any other category of people in our society. To lose , sometimes gets you closer to reality and grounded. You learn to understand the true worth of success and respect it . It teaches you those lessons from life which no elder or any of your idol can do. A loser has no worth in the society and is not heard , it gives him the strength to keep quiet. The sequence of losing , in the path of success , gives him the ability to maintain calm and focused, under-pressurized situations. Losing is always necessary in the first place or even a number of times , this gives the feeling of determination to the loser, determination to win.

There are a few things that a loser must learn from every experience of life he gets, to name a few , I can say, first, never take your first loss as your last try. Secondly , practice more and more ,till you find yourself  worth reaching closest to perfection. And remember , nobody in this world is perfect.

The only person who can make you feel like a loser is ‘YOU’ , yourself. A loser is never a person who is tagged with this name by the society. If you treat yourself a loser in a positive way and go towards the path of losing and being determined towards your goal, then nothing can stop you from tasting the cream of success.

The success that comes after a series of losing , is worth a million. You can never understand it’s true worth if you get is easily. Even the purest of gold comes by melting it continuously under the highest of temperatures.

A loser is open to everything in life and has been through every rough patch , a number of times. This generates a character trait of a wise man, in the loser. You should appreciate what you have , but also should never hesitate from exploring more and more of yourself.

The society needs to change its outlook towards a loser. If I can help in this matter then certainly I would like to advice the society and myself that we all can feel equal and satisfied by simply keeping in mind that a loser is a lover. You have to stop being judgemental and keep inspiring each person you see.

Take the ‘S’ from the ‘LOSER’ and add a ‘V’ instead. Be a ‘LOVER’ and treat everybody like one .




4 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Life of a Loser

  1. Ms. Shakespeare, this was the best of the lot of the articles you have written. This time you went more to a general view from personal view.
    Great work girl!!
    Eager to see up more from you..!!

  2. @Piyush Chib – Thank you so much for the appraisal. I’d really appreciate it. And I would certainly like to write more about the general things, with which we all can relate ourselves.

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