Like a Stone on the Road

Walking on a road, I was walking and the world around me was running a marathon. The traffic lights were flashing red, green, yellow like they were reciting a pious mantra. The cars, the buses–the vehicles were blowing horns in unison. The world was set up on the fast forward mode or maybe, it was me who was playing myself in slow motion–either way. *The hustle-bustle*

Nobody with no extra time to stop and stare, at the things around. Shouting in such a place would be no less than a cry in the wilderness.

Kicking a few pebbles, I was slowly moving towards a junction. I was kicking the stones on the road and they were moving forward. I brought a stone 100 meters from its initial position and it was then, when nebulous thoughts crossed my mind and I just couldn’t help myself compare myself ( the life as a human) to the stone. I stood still, staring at the stone and comparing our situations.

How I kicked it, dragged it, stepped on and pushed it. The stone went out of my way and I brought it back to be kicked again. And then, I, you and we; being kicked and pushed by the social pressures to move forward in life. Being dragged by the peers to stay in sync with them and finally when distracted, brought back to the same path of mental trauma for being pushed and kicked again. Just like the stone, there is no clear destination where the human life has to reach. Our destinations, goals and aims are mere projection of the social pressures coupled with formless images of our desires.

We’re studying because the world around us is studying. We’re being dragged.

We want a good career because the society won’t let us live otherwise. We’re being pushed.

We want money to survive. We’re driven by materialism.

It was funny how kicking a small stone and our lives in this human form could be compared with such an ease. I never knew kicking stones would trigger such an abreaction out of me.

I stared at the stone for a little while again trying to make peace with my thoughts.

Bottom Line : ” You are no less than an aimless stone if your goals are merely driven by the rules of the society”



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