Life is!!!

Life is!!!

What do you have to say about Life!!


2 thoughts on “Life is!!!

  1. The life game starts when we step out from our mother’s womb from that day we will be started playing many roles. The life is gifted with beautiful emotions love, pain, happy, cry, worry, sex, hate, ego, help, sacrifice, separation.. goeson.….. no emotions is superior to one another , its all about which mask we wear and see…. How we enjoy it ! if we consider happiness is the superior one we will forget to enjoy the other moments & even at the time of when we get happiness we don’t know how to enjoy it ….!
    Life’s not going to run away in one day…!
    If next day comes…same sorrows won’t follow you..!
    How many million drops of tears have fallen on this earth…!
    But flowers still continue to bloom…:)

    This is for you.. That is for me…Mind will make such calculations…
    She is for me… She is for you…Heart will play such riddles…
    it is not for you, nor for me…
    Everything will be taken finally by the creator…!

    when you are walking in the dark, even your shadow will leave you…!
    it is then that you will realize that you are the only companion to yourself in this world,
    I understand the god’s secret,
    I understand that there is nothing permanent here,

    The world is full of puzzles…Hurting..helping…killing… love..
    Lets sit at an edge of this world, and observe everything,
    Believe that everything that is happening is a drama, and let us also join and act in it.

    we are born in a battlefield,
    so the pain due to thorns are not considered death,
    From the day we leave from mothers womb….
    the game begins in battle … so no regret for what came and what went, in battle field…!

    we will need many faces, lets wear them correctly,
    we will see many twists , lets turn to them,
    as and when the story seems to end , lets end it

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