GUEST POST : Under Mango Tree


It was the birth time for me

When my mind was set free,

Under my mango tree

Which raised me from one and two to three.

I have played around this tree,

It’s shadow lets me breathe free.

It protected me from the rain

No little sorrow , no little pain.

I remember the time I threw stones so high,

To break some arms of my tree.

Only to get what I need,

Some mangoes and I felt relieved.

I didn’t realize when I grew up,

The tree lost it’s crew.

Now I only see a plain land,

No mango nor even a single strand.

Now I wish I could get you back,

To play around you , to sit and relax.

The time that flew when I grew up, 

I found peace,Under my mango tree.

By Megha Sharma


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