Morning Walk : The lessons I learnt

I’ve started with this new ‘Get Healthy and Fit’ thing recently. **No..I’m not burning my fats in the gym,yet.** A regular morning walk forms a part of this personal health drive.** No..I’m not going to describe my exercises and not going to boast about the crunches.**

There is more than just fresh air and good health that a morning walk gives you. It opens your mind and brings you closer to yourself in many ways.

The first day, my body was all rusty as I’ve lazed around for a year at home now. With a new job at hand, I thought of starting afresh and make a little peace with my body. That is how I land up in a park nearby. 5:30 AM, and already so much commotion. The park was like some other part of the world. While the rest was still confounded with the slumber, this park was full of life. Old, young, mid-aged, children..all..together in a place for different motives although.


The scenario
The scenario


What I saw around and what I felt!! On entering the park, the first thing you see, is a group of people ( mid-aged and old) meticulously after the footsteps of Baba Ramdev, Yes..Yoga..Pranayaam..Aasans.. a woman leading a group of 8 people. She sits in the front while others facing her back. The first aasan she does..” Lambi saans lijiye..saans andar..saans chodiye..” and the group follows *Reminds me of the Pied Piper and the rats*. They do what she does. Not doubt, every aasan she does is correct, with the right kind of posture and everything, but by the time it reaches the last row of the it transforms into some other form of..God knows what..!! All I could do on seeing this was think about how “following” something or someone blindly, without knowing whether it is good or bad for us, has become just so important for us. Walking the wolf’s skin!!

Keeping up my pace and catching up with my breath, I saw two children playing on a swing. The girl pushed used her legs to move the swing forward and every time she went higher. With every upward movement, I saw her eyes glitter with joy and she said ” Main Udd gayi”.  And those words melted away in my ears, my heart mellowed and my eyes changed to their refulgent shade. With mixed emotions, I thought to myself, How every girl as a kid would want to spread her wings and fly; BUT THEN JUST HOW THE OPPOSITE HAPPENS TO HER WHEN SHE GROWS UP. From an innocent child to a vulnerable woman, how the journey is unexpected. I moment she wants to fly, her wings are chopped off. ** I feel claustrophobic**

And then..I moved towards the third lesson of my morning walk. A family; a couple and an old woman..walking!! The man and his wife, ahead talking to each other about their professional lives and while the old lady ( I could make out she was the man’s mother) trying to catch with her son and his wife. **Sad**. Guilt gripped me, then and there. How the elderly are neglected. Are we this busy..that we have no time to help them walk the life with us. We’re okay when they lag behind. I felt ashamed of being so ignorant. With my head held down, I slowly crossed them.

I was going back with a changed perspective. The first day at this morning walk gave me 3 rounds ahead towards health and 3 lessons for life.


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