Though I was only 3, 
when you left me,
but I miss those moments,
that I spent with thee.
I wished for the candies,
when you were here,
and had them all,
without any fear.
Now are put restrictions,
when i wish for the same,
as I am told always,
‘When tooth decay will occur, 
you’ll be the one to blame’.
It has been 12 long years,
since I saw you,
you would leave me here,
I never knew.
Why did you have to go grand-dad?
Why did you have to die?
Why did you leave me behind,
with nothing to do, but cry?
I miss all our talks, and walks,
and I miss the love you showered.
I miss the amazing guidance,
and all the stories you told.
I hope that somewhere,
wherever you may be,
You can hear me now,
and  read this poem and see.
It was the 16th of January,
which became an unforgettable day,
I really miss you,
And this is all I’d like to say.
DIKSHA   Diksha is a young girl of 16 who is a fun-loving youth. She  smiles when she is sad, laughs, makes everyone mad, and writes  about anything randomly that ever touches her heart. When  something unusual happens, she loves to play the ‘rhyme  game’ in which she writes a poem and expresses in it, all that  she feels about the moment and situation. She loves to dance,  listens to songs and does all that can get the craziness and the  hidden naughty kid out of her. This is the way she is.
                                                             This is she. 🙂

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