A Quick Hello!!


I’ve been a little out of touch with the blog recently. There have just been a couple of guest posts here since the last 20 days. I’m stuck with this new job that I’ve taken up. Its fun but its hectic. Ultimately, I’m doing something that I love to do..!! *Writing*

I thought I’d drop some greetings for the readers here. 

Days at work have just been great. I’m loving every thing about this workplace. The people, the atmosphere..the gossip..!!*errr..I shouldn’t miss that**. Things are falling at the right spot for me.. and I’m just so happy.

Life is so much fun if you get to do the things you love. I’m writing..I’ve met new people..I’ll be shopping by the end of the week.I’ll be hitting the road soon and then I’ll be writing about it. It’s all just so lovely. I’m so much at peace with myself.

My insides don’t scream at me, anymore.

Its just going too good.


**I’m learning my lessons: Everything that happens to you is for a valid reason. The people you end up with and everything else is just because it is the right thing for you. Accept what comes to you, Hold it in your hands, Admire its beauty. Polish it to give you more brightness and then never let it go.**


Teesha Bhasin


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