Is Marriage the Ultimate Destination of our Lives: India

Okay, so…I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I’m having a lazy one at home with family. It’s all about..watching television, reading a few posts, eating my favorite meal and about taking a super short break from work.

Coming to television, a talk show, Zindagi Live caught my attention today. The issue being talked about gripped me and instigated some thoughts. Today the show was covering ‘zindagi-ies’ of three women..three divorced women.. three women who were happy with their lives after divorce. It was wonderful to hear them talk about the happiness this decision had brought to their lives. You see the confidence in their eyes.

How is marriage such an important part of our lives? We, Indians.. are we born and brought only for this one thing?

You’re born..You go to a good school, because you need good education..You need good education, because you need good professional degree. You need a degree for a job..and a Job for a good spouse..!! AND THAT’S IT..!! We know the part post marriage..there’s love..there’s honeymoon..moons..then there are kids..and then..its about you taking care of your kids..!! Your live’s finished..Your personal identity is gone..the gone !!

Have you goofed up, already!!

Why is marriage so important? I mean.. you’re toiling hard for what..!! To earn live a good be financially secure and to enjoy your life..this should only be about it..!! How does marriage get to play a bigger part?

**Ok..Ok..I know there might be people who are smitten by this marriage thing, but let’s talk about the majority of Indians.**

You’re 22..You’re young..People around look at you with popping eyeballs..they’re more interested in knowing your marriage plans while their marriage is still struggling. I mean..what duhhh..fhh..!!

Marriage shouldn’t be an agenda. We need to understand that there are things to be done in life beyond marriage. A person needs to chalk out their own identity before being associated to someone else’s.

Specially, Women..Its stupid to get married because you’ve turned 28 and all your friends are sailing off to their honeymoons. You don’t want to end up in doing this.

You don’t want to end cursing yourself!

Getting married because you’re parents think its time isn’t a sensible thing to do. Love or Arrange, marriage should happen to a person when he’s ready..socially, mentally and financially.

Even if marriage does not happen to you eventually..don’t go mad..Its not the end of the world.. Go ahead, chase the ends of the world and make the most of your ‘single-hood’. If its meant to will be..

At least you’re no marriage decision will save you from this :

Marriage: the Line of Control

Some famous marriage quotes :

Marriage works best for men than women. The two happiest groups are married men and unmarried women.

Gloria Steinem

Marriage is really tough,because you have to deal with feelings…and lawyers.

Richard Pryor

Before you make your big decision..Think…Think hard…Think harder…Think the hardest you can..!!


One thought on “Is Marriage the Ultimate Destination of our Lives: India

  1. Hi..once again….a heart shuffling stuff..
    I must say..marriage is the ultimate thing i india…no matter….what r individual feelings…but u know… goes on.some things become obvious…while u become obvious to others….so acceptance is the only key to success

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