GUEST POST: I’d Prefer Laugh

It was one noon of the summers. I was sitting by the window pane , watching the outside view of the terrace , trees , playgrounds , the birds and the sound of non-stop vehicles. It was raining that day ,  with the sun going overboard. It’s said that its unusual when both the sun and the rains are showing themselves with their respective roles.

Suddenly I felt a drop of raindrop on my face and as it slid down my cheeks , it rested on my lips. The moment my lips tasted it salty , I realized that it was not a raindrop.

Rain..Pain and the Past!!
Rain..Pain and the Past!!

It was a tear , dropped from my eyes. That moment woke me up and I just realized what I had wondered, which made my eyes filled with tears.

A reel , like that of a virtual camera , came across my mind and I figured out what was bothering me. It was my Past. There is no single person in this world which is devoid of its Past. Every day that passes by becomes your past the other day. And many people take their past in their own way. Some think of their bad decisions in career, or family, or love life , or any anonymous school subject.

What my point of my related Past was , the wrong decisions I took in random situations. I don’t say that I was the only one who was in love with somebody but could’nt make it happen. Rather I was one of those many , who took to choose wrong decisions and ended up in misery.

As that virtual camera reel rolled over my thoughts , tears poured down my cheeks and ended up on my lips. Many people came and went to-and-fro from my life. It was me , who could’nt take a stand for herself and let other dictate her and show her the directions. I was always that person who was to be told about what’s to be done next.

As days passed by, I became infuriated and I , at my worst, started reciprocating what I had been greeted with. And as it was destined , I ended up in a mess.

Now , the present day makes me shed tears only with the thought that had I not been so dependent, I would have ended up in a different phase.

Why would I let myself be crushed under someone’s expectations, and make myself suffer only to make up to them ? Why would I try to make the ends meet , when I was not doing it with full dedication. I did only under the pressure of making my relationship work. But for how long can you be that person , which is not the true you ?

It’s a fact, that it’s the story of every person out there, but none like to discuss it. But I discussed some of my part , only to make sure that everything happens for a reason. Those little things which made me deprived of happiness , only to make other’s happy, was of zero worth until I did them without being me.

The bad experiences from the Past does’nt make you weak , rather they make you wise and be helpful to every other person you see as the old you. And for the record , bad stuff from life is meant to be forgiven, but never forgotten.

But if you be a cry baby all the time , as I was by the window ,  you will end up nowhere. It’s better to shut that door which leads to the memory lanes ,towards the bad stuff. And the best way to get over things is to laugh about them. Think how immature you were to take that step , and ended up hurting yourself and others.

I took a lesson from life and now I’m in a process to help every person that comes to me with their problems from their life and when they are standing between two paths , and they are unaware of which path to choose.

I’m also under construction of the thought , generated by myself, and I try laughing at myself when possible.

In the end , I can say that I’m somewhat experienced in taking bad decisions . And at this present day I would choose laughing at them , rather than scribbling over the Past.

Only it was then , when I saw that it had stopped raining . A bright rainbow made itself available for everyone and I believed it was waiting for me ,with stretched arms, to get itself embrace me with colours of happiness.




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