GUEST POST : St. Stephen’s – A Second Home

The 7th of April, 2006,
How could I forget this date?
my very first day in this institution,
to meet all my new mates.
Class 4, section- D,
I went seeking it for a whole lot of time,
And there it stood in front of me,
With a shine.
I moved in with shivering legs,
And curiosity and eagerness,
To know the students and their names,
Who would soon be my friends, nevertheless.
And then it started all over again,
New friends, new bonds, new everything,
Which I wouldn’t let anyone to take away,
At the cost of anything.
We were all promoted to the next level,
Every year, together,
With roots of our friendship getting,
deeper and deeper.
We’ve cried together in sadness,
Laughed in happiness,
Supported in adversity,
And never touched loneliness.
We’ve had the scoldings of some teachers,
The love of others,
Which has always been for our good,
And good wishes came like flowers.
I thank all my teachers,
For the values and support,
And all my friends,
For the love and care they bestowed.
Thank you Carver sir,
For dreaming of this institution,
And making it come true,
Your oh-so-great ambition.
And now, today’s the day,
When we bid goodbye,
To everyone, so kind and true,
St. Stephen’s, we honor you.
                                        Semper sursum!


Diksha says:

A school is a place where every child goes, whether s/he likes it or not, when s/he enters the 3rd year of her/his life. Initially, no child likes to go to school as s/he sees many new faces which s/he may also be afraid of, but with time, unknowingly, it becomes a part of the child, a place where s/he goes on daily basis, a temple, a second home.

     You and I have also been to our school which somewhere in our hearts, has a special place. Almost all of us miss the amazing moments that we spent in the eye of it and we admire it too. So here’s a poem that i wrote last year (while it was time for me to pass out) expressing all that I feel for my school, my St. Stephen’s.  Hope you all like it.

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