Another Quick Hello: Maybe I’m Insane

I’ve professed flamboyance and happiness for a while now. With my Previous Post was an attempt I was trying to make to explain how multidimensional my thoughts were. And..this ‘Quick Hello‘ post is going to be a lot of crazy. It’s a short description about the things I’ve thought about, the things I’ve realized and the things I’ve done is these last 12 days. So last time, I posted this blog I was thinking about dance, travel, tattoos, life, work and..there’s list, you know!!

I think..I’m a little crazy. There are a million things running in my mind at a moment and then, there’s another moment when there are absolutely no in my mind. *Is it just me or does this happen with everyone*. This is one reason that I think I’m a little wacky.

Things that come to my mind are just funny..unpredictably C R A Z Y. My Sanity is a long gone thing. *You know, what I mean*. I can just flip my switch. Just like that!! * No, not that humanity switch like the vampires from The Vampire Diaries*. Its like..its a funny thing..I can go from happy to gloomy in just 5 seconds. My body language tells it all. From super-friendly to an arrogant person, just like that!!

*Is it called split personality disorder??* I don’t know what my problem is..!! Whenever my head feels outta balance, all I think about doing is..writing it down here. *It’s not attention seeking, Its called spilling my guts out.*

Alas, This is not wonderland and I am not Alice!!

Is it just me!!! NO..!! Its not just me..who’s a little insane..We all are..!! We are all chained by the stereotypes. We are all coated up with layers of sanity.

I think, we all become insane with long periods of trying to stay sane.

All I’m trying say is summed up in this quote.

For me insanity is super sanity.

The Normal is psychotic.

Normal means Lack of Imagination, lack of creativity

    -Jean Debuffet


So what you need to do today is, Kick sanity in its face and Go Insane!! I N S A N E!!


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