My Mind: The Devil that Sways!!




“Empty mind is a devil’s workshop”, how often have you heard this phrase. Well, my mind isn’t empty. There are a trillion things rushing inside from one corner to another. However, it is still a devil that sways from one thought to another in just nanoseconds.

I’ve been a nagging blogger for weeks now. I know.

Controlling your mind and limiting your thoughts inside a perimeter is tough. Its just impossible. Sometimes there are things you cannot talk about to anyone, things that your mind comes up with impulsively.

Like a small bird looking a the world while perched on an old tree, our mind is the window which brings the world to us. It is that one thing which makes us sense our surroundings.

My mind is a devils which sways from one feeling to another in a flash. Your mind might be an angel which keeps up a good face and shows you all the goodies of the world. But..why is the mind even there if it is not meant to be dynamic.

Consistency is not the virtue of the mind.

Mind is a free bird, just let it go!!!

*Explore*Imagine*Create*Empower : Sophrosyne!!


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