Its Okay to be a Fool and have a Paradise of Your Own.

Twenties..that decade of a girl’s life when she actually learns to live. The decade where she faces the real world. *Normally*. For a normal Indian girl, twenties are the most crucial part of her life. It’s about graduating, aspiring to reach the top and then settling down.

Torn between the expectations of the society and her aspirations, the Twenties girl slowly carves a virtual nest of her own. A place where she can feel secure, happy and contend. This virtual piece of space is different for every girl. While for a girl it might be about swanky clothes and shopping for another it might be about earning the bread and butter for her family.

I have my own virtual space, my ‘Fool’s Paradise’, the world, the life want to see..maybe..two-three years from now. Its not a very fancy, sparkling pretty picture..but..Its the prettiest picture I can draw.

Catch the train to your Paradise!!

I see… Hills and beaches, Cultural exploration and T R A V E L. 

Then I see my self capturing every frame of this travel with a camera..So this world of mine is a little about my love of admiring PHOTOGRAPHY.

How can a travelling spree not include WRITING. Sharing your experiences is important.

Apart from these three things, when I close my eyes to visit this ‘world’ of mine. I see FREEDOM. Freedom from my inner insecurities and demons.

I see HAPPINESS of achieving want I want.

I see CELEBRATION. I want to celebrate life in every form..every achievement should be celebrated.

It’s important for us to build a whimsical world of our own. You cannot attempt to convert your imaginations and dreams into reality unless you don’t have any.


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