And.. Just When You Thought you found Love

Starry nights..Long talks over the phone..Day-dreaming..stolen kisses and those bear hugs..Just when you start making peace with these and start smiling for having the love of your life is when reality sets in and hits you hard.


Can you not spread your wings and fly while still be in love?

Can you not let go of love and still be in love even more?

How do you even define love?

Is love the ‘LOVE’ we think it is?

Who gave us this term called love?

Love, sure is whimsical..mystical..and magical…but is it real..for real..!!!!

Is love just a state of our minds where we make our selves believe that we’ve been hard hit by the cupid..??

How do we even know that every human emotion is for real..?? *It sounds cranky, I know..but just give it a though*

Just when you start feeling the warmth of love engulfing your soul..does the chill of insecurities and life hit you hard..??

Is love the fuel of life? Is it practical to follow the footsteps of Romeo-Juliet and not those of your dreams and heart.

Where does your heart take you?? To evening called Love or to the Morning called life??

Just when you thought that you found that one true love of yours, Did something happen?? Did something shook your head?? Did you fall in love with yourself more??

..I’m asking you..because you’ve been dancing on the silver line of love and yet you’ve been thinking about all this now and then??

Did love really grip you..ever??

Shouldn’t love just be the lightest and the most delicate thing..Something that doesn’t keep your mind running in spirals??





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