What’s the First Thing on Your Bucket List

With 2014 just a month and a half away, We’re all planning vacations, parties and resolutions. In next 45 days we’ll be swearing to give up our fondness for something or the other. I just wanted to stay a step ahead and so I’m done with my bucket list for the next year already..!!

Here it goes!!! * I have a ‘To do’ list for every month, but I’ll just fill in the highlights for now*


So..the first thing on my bucket list is…

1. Write a new blog. I want a Travelog now.

*For keeping up with a Travel blog, I need to travel.. so that’s going to be the next thing.

2. Travel India..!! Focusing on Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh * Have I ever mentioned my love for the hills* 😛

3. Join a Master’s course.


4. Make the most of my singlehood.

5. Write 5 blog posts every month.

6. Buy a good camera and click crazy pictures of everything and anything!!

7. Love myself. * I could try shedding some extra kilos too* 😛

8. Figure out the things that I want to do before I die.

9. Learn to say “Hello” in 20 languages.

10. Hit a beach.

11. Get rid of Hypophrenia. 😛

12. Indulge into some great make-up.

13. Get a new tattoo.

14. Join a creative writing course.

15. Write for a fashion magazine. * That’s about the Creative Writing Course*

16. Have my dream wardrobe.

17. Screaaammmm every time I get upset.

18. Read four books every month.

19. Be kind

20. Make something good out of Uncluttered Panorama.

This is another one!!
This is another one!!


That’s about my short bucket list..It like for the first half of 2014. 😛

I’m all gung-ho about 2014 and my bucket list shows that.

Are you ready with your bucket list yet…?? If not..!! What are you waiting for..!!


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