Remember the times when, 
You did whatever you wanted to,
And everybody wondered,
What were you up to?

When you could go out,
And play in the mud,
Had no worries of studies,
Or turning into a nerd?

When you could sit in the park,
And could talk to your friends,
Had not to think of the fashion,
Nor of the trend?

When you wished your teacher,
With a flower in your hand,
And dreamt with your friends,
Of making own rock band?

When you started your birthday preparations,
A month in advance,
And to enjoy even a minute of life,
You never missed a chance?

When remembering things,
Wasn’t just so easy,
And a slight change in schedule,
Would only make you crazy?

When you felt lucky,
Every single day,
And admired everything,
As they came your way?

That was the time,yes,
When you were a child,
And a deep cut on the skin,
Wasn’t as mild.

Don’t you miss,
How it all used to be?
And do you wish,
It could come back, to you, and me?


Diksha Gupta


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