Twenty-fourteen started just like every other year does..with smiles & celebrations. I’ve been busy eversince this year started, busy writing web contents at work which is why I haven’t had a chance to put up the first post of this New Year!!

Greetings to all!! *It isn’t too late to wish you all a very Happy New Year*.

1st January “every year”, we play angles with ourselves trying to rectify all our mistakes. *Resolutions, I’m talking about* We’re all just equally familiar with this resolution game, Right?! While some of us swear to cut down on junk food, others try making the most of their careers. *Different People, Different Resolutions*.

 I think..when you’ve got to do something, you’ve just got to do it. Tagging these things as resolutions is not really required. We make ‘resolutions’ and then go back at demolishing them within our. The word ‘resolution’ is made a mere understatement by us. Keeping a resolution isn’t tough, you just need to trick your mind into doing something you really want.

This is what I mean by the 'Resolution' Tamasha.
This is what I mean by the ‘Resolution’ Tamasha.

I’ve been thinking about a few *resolutions* too. Let’s not use this word ‘resolution’, Errrr..I think..‘I-gotta-do-it-lution’ is better!!

These aint things that I try to do this year. These are things that I WILL ACHIEVE THIS YEAR!!

Just 5 things and my year will be sorted!! Here’s what I’ve thought about.

T R A V E L!! Have I ever told you how much I want to explore every inch of the world around me. Just because my opportunities were bleak, I haven’t really worked towards it. This year feels to be just the right time to start with it!! So I’m going to travel to at least six places this year!! *Pssst..I just traveled to my hometown, a week back..solo!! It was epic*

W R I T E!! Besides my job, I will manage a new blog. *My Travel Experiences need to be shared somewhere, right!!

SHED THOSE EXTRA KILOS!! Okay!! This one’s outdated. But seriously, I’m not going to look at junk or sweets at least before I turn a year older *birthday*.

P.S: *I’m not fat, I’m on the a few kilos far from turning fat*

F O C U S!! More focus..More confidence!! More flamboyance!! More happiness!! More Concentration!!

SELF-LEARNING!! I’m going to teach myself, the art-of-staying-calm. Patience is something, I’m devoid of..and now is the right time to gather it!!

You have a list of ‘i-gotta-do-it-lution’?? Cut it short into pieces and them try walking on it!! It’ll feel achievable!!



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