I’m Stressed, Are You? : What To Do

Hello ūüôā

To begin with: An Apology. I haven’t been able to fish out enough time for the blog in a few months now and I’m really sorry. I hope this post today, makes up for all of it.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly has instigated my thoughts and pulled me out from my slumber, well..I’d like to drop it..Its the ‘Stress’ thing…and why exactly am I instigated and all churned out, is what I’m going to tell you here.

6 days a week, I work my mind and fingers off ( Not that I’m complaining) and every evening when I walk back home, the first thing my mother says me to do within 30-minutes of my lying down on the almighty bed is : “CLEAN YOUR ROOM.” *I mean…duuhhhhh….please let me breathe the goodness of my room for atleast an hour before you go all berserk on the clean-yo-room spree.*

Okay leave this, the next thing she talks to me about is: “CAN YOU PAY THE ELECTRICITY, MOBILE PHONE AND CREDIT CARD BILLS TOMORROW?”¬† *Aaaaaa, I mean are you kidding me, I’m working a freaking 9-hour job and you want me do, drive all the¬†way to 3 different ends of the city in the 45 minutes of lunch-break that I have…Mummmmyyyyy, SERIOUSLY.*

You know actually it’s not her mistake. She expects me do all the things that she did while she was my age, like juggling a job and ¬†household like a pro. Little does she know, that now..the things have changed; our lives are different than that of a¬†23-year old back in the 1990s. Not that I’m talking about the generation gap thing, but the amount of stress that has stuffed our minds these days.


We just don’t have to worry about which clothes to wear to work and what food to cook, there are a lot of other things that stress us out today. Naming a few,

  • Work-Stress
  • Health (With diseases affecting the younger factions of the society, I bet maintaining a healthy body can also sometimes be a daunting task to do)
  • Relationships (Not that being in a relationship was something not known two decades ago, but certainly now being in a new relationship almost every month is something that accounts to a lot of stress, I’m sure)
  • Education (Accept it. You’re an Indian with a B.Tech degree in hand, your life is mopey. Go fill out some forms, crack a few entrance exams and take up a post-grad course..like..NOW)
  • Family (We might be branded as a generation that is reckless and cares about no one but themselves; Hell, none of it is true. We care as much as a new adult would for their families in any generation. We’re not numb)
  • And, the list is endless. Some might have raising money for a new iPhone on their stress list while others might have their granny’s ailment on the mind. The list depends from one person to another and it sure isn’t short at all.¬†

Now, what you can do for it?? Ya..ya..Yoga, Eat Well, Time Management etc etc..!! But actually, I don’t think so there’s anything which can help us deal with all this stress. Okay, these things might help you soothe the brain for a while but eventually stress, worries and anxiety are¬†going to get you.

I’m stressed and even the 8-year old living in my¬†neighborhood¬†might be stressed about something. Hell, everyone on earth has this stress jam-packed¬†in their brains for some or the other thing.

I think, understanding that only depression and crying¬†don’t¬†make up the stress is important. We need to know that our lives have changed. We’ve¬†increased our needs and with that the amount of¬†hard work¬†which we need to put in order to survive has also gone up. Accepting our life¬†as the way we’re living it is important. Stop seeing your daily chores as stress, they make up your life and that’s about it.

Stop stressing about the fact that you’re stressed and you’ll see for yourself that there wasn’t any stress ever in the first place.




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