A Lesson for Life Learnt in a Day

He slammed the door behind him as he exited the room, all glaring red with fury. “Why is it always about her, Mom?” said Zain, at the highest scale of his voice. That day he left the house enraged about how his parents bought the elder sister a new MacBook Pro, only because she was going to decent post-graduation college in the city. He was not all bolstered up because they bought her something she wasn’t expecting, instead the reason behind his wrath was that his parents did not even mention buying him a present for his event of clearing the 12th grade with flying colors. Little did he know, they had huge plans for him.

Zain was a Punjabi, however the name did not give that out, who lived in Chandigarh with his parents, grandfather and a elder sister. Being the younger of the two, he always thought his sister was given more preference than him. For Zain, his family was nothing like the olden Indian families where the male child was given all the attention and riches to enjoy. His sister was the ‘pampered boy’ of the house while he was still treated like a kid, even when he was turning 18 in a few month; that is what he thought.

He came out of his house and drove away with a friend, Karan who was waiting for him in a White Honda City. They were planning to go for a movie, but as Zain was all heated up, the plan was bound to change. They drove all the way to the popular Sukhna Lake and sat on its silt-coated bank with beers bottles to keep them accompanied. Two bottles down, Zain started talking everything anything that came to his mind about how his parents didn’t gave him any importance and how his sister was getting everything he should. He confided in Karan that he doesn’t want to live with his parents anymore and is planning to elope in a day or two.

While Zain’s ranting was on the go, a kid aged 5 maybe, who was listening to all this keenly came up to him. This kid was wearing a soiled brown vest with tattered blue half-pant, for footwear he had nothing on. His appearance made it clear that he was from the slum which was dwelling near the lake. At first, thinking of him as a beggar, Zain shooed him away. The kid named, Rohit approached Zain and said ” I was listening to all that you were saying.” He continued, “My elder sister also gets all the things that I should be getting and my parents do not even think twice before buying her flowers and scented sticks which I want to have all the times.” Further he said that, ” His sister had a big sketch made which wouldn’t even fit on the wall of their room.” Just when Zain started finding comfort while talking and listening to this kid, his kid’s mother came running down for him.

In a slight zing of the beer, Zain said ” Aunty, why don’t you buy him flowers and get him a sketch done, like you have got it done for his sister?”. ” You should not avoid your younger kid like this. It’s a very bad thing to do.” said Zain in a cracking voice. It was then when the mother’s eyes welled up and she said, ” Beta, I would have done the same for him, had he not been alive too.” For a moment, Zain was stunned. The mother told that how her daughter lost her life while working on a construction site. “Rupa was the breadwinner for our family and the only thing I could ever gift her were those scented sticks and flower.” said the lady. Only when he was listening to her, Zain received a call. In 5 seconds he was off his feet and told his friend to drive back home.

When he reached back home, he saw a couple of relatives clad in white clothes, just that they were in the fancy whites. As soon as entered him room..*SURPRISE*, It was white-theme party which his parents and sister had threw for him and also he got a White Ducati as a gift for clearing 12th with a bright shade. Immediately, he hugged his family and broke out loud. The call he got was from his sister, and the only thing she said was, ” You need to get back home..Dad..Zain..come fast.”

It was in that moment which Zain understood that life is just so short and unpredictable that wasting it with futile emotions like wrath and rage is senseless. That day gave him a new perspective towards life and he grew up into a man who valued every moment of life like it was his last.

Life is Unpredictable
Life is Unpredictable!


I was going a little crazy after work today and suddenly thought I need to give a try at writing stories as well. Let me know how you find it 🙂




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