I’m a Woman and This is 2014

Women clad in sarees with their ‘ghoonghat’ ( as we Indians say it) reaching their navels; sounds 1950ish to you? Wait up.. until you read what I’m just about to type in next!

I’m putting up in the capital city of Punjab. It’s obvious that people, especially women here are independent, strong and bold (well..most of them, don’t forget its I N D I A.)  Seeing women with the ‘ghoonghats’ not leaving their faces is something ‘not-very’ but somewhat rare here nowadays (Atleast I thought that way). Okay, so you want to know what exactly happened and why I’m reaching out to you with this? Here’s what it is about:

My Grandma had to be operated upon yesterday ( a minor surgery), so while I was sitting in Waiting Lounge for Patient’s Attendants, I saw these two women. Now what was so ‘attractive’ about these women were their veils which were reaching down to their navels..and LITERALLY, down to the navel. A kid was clutching onto the finger of one of these women, while the other was blindly following the footsteps of the man who accompanied them. (Of course, blindly..with veils under the effect of gravity, they had to follow someone in order to avoid falling down). They sat next to me, I couldn’t help but observe them keenly. All I could make out was that the woman clutching the kid was his mother and the man was her husband, while the other woman was the man’s sister. Also, other thing that I noticed was, that they did not let their faces get any air until the man was around! And, as soon as the man left those two, they hurriedly freed themselves of the ‘primitive masks’. I was…My..face was..Man..I was..I don’t know Speechless. I mean, Ya okay..We’ve all heard stories about women still living the 1940ish-50ish lives in some parts of India, but really looking at this midst the hocuspocus of a hospital set-up one of the most neoteric cities in India…it was FREAKING ME out.

And, now about this man…When he crossed me to sit next to his wife,all I could or for that the entire lounge could smell of nothing but the ‘Beedis’ he might have smoked a decade ago. With a mole on his right cheek and yellow-to-orange-turning-black teeth, he looked no less than one of the minions of Virappan to me. I was freaking out and his man, was checking out another girl, aged 13 maybe sitting right across the room, only because she was dressed in a pair of  shorts and half-sleeves t-shirt ( I mean..not a halter, not a tank top, a simple t-shirt which really made her look ‘plain-jane’. Had she been dressed in something more ‘comfortable’ (I’ll say) God knows what this man might have done.)

I'm a Woman and this is 2014
I’m a Woman and this is 2014

The thing here is: This is 2014 that we’re living in.. Come On..Can you please stop making the women of your house feel like their some living puppets for you?? It’s the age where women are creating the rules of the society and flying high when it comes to their professions. Have you ever though what’s wrong?

Is the flaw in our ‘so-called values’?

Actually, I think..the problem is we are living in 2014, but we’re thinking in 1947..Stiilll..a lot of us.

Only because the anatomy of a woman is different and much more interesting than a man, it leaves them in no place to exploit us when they want. *Remember, A woman is much more powerful than you are, Thanks to this Anatomy*.

I’m furious, and I’m going to say this loud:

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I refuse being bound by veils, whips and chains.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I take pride in living my life the way I want.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I will wear my heart on my sleeve.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I refuse to live by the olden patriarchal norms.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I’m going travel the world all alone.

I’m a woman and this is 2014, so I will hang-out when I want and with whom I want.

I’m a woman and this is My Life!

Head Held High



5 thoughts on “I’m a Woman and This is 2014

  1. Hi….to read this….when i just got up..
    .was……somehow facinating..
    The only thing i can say is…
    …….men will be men

  2. I am a woman and this 2014 but sadly the society we live in like to show off their “mature” “stylish” “responsible” side only on protests either at India Gate or on twitter.
    Oh yes, forwarding messages and spamming inbox-es on what’s app too. (no brownie points to guess why? Its free :D)
    The ground reality – woman is just an object or a piece of meat those who treat them with respect aso have some insecurities. They are afraid with social elements policing around and dictating women.

    So to the women of 2014, kindly gear up and be your own hero. Do what YOU and really YOU want to do.

    BTW, I loved your header image.


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