‘We’ – The Women

**The sky lined with dark clouds, the trees fighting an unknown war, the rain from the sky: saddening and loud. Flooded roads echoing the cries and loud bangs of objects falling on earth with a glaring tail of light…an apocalyptic scenario. And, that is what exactly her state of mind was like. She was calm and composed on the surface, but inside there was a fire-bomb ticking, waiting for a trigger to explode!**

Every man on the face of earth, atleast once in his lifetime thinks of a women as a living being that is as complex, complicated and sometimes, even destructive as an apocalypse. *Well, some of it might even be true!*

We, the fairer factions of the world on the other hand have similar feelings for men. The only difference is that it is not limited to just once or twice in a lifetime. We’ll jump up and think thousand worse things about men, every time a man passes lewd remarks at us *And why not*. Each time your boyfriend dumps you, you’re (And, for that matter every girl) going to set out on a ‘Men-are-pathetic’ spree and give hateful looks to even the cutest guy who passes by *It’s okay, you can do that*.

Now, why have I started yapping this out without any ALERT, If that’s what you’re thinking; here: Women are complicated, Men can never understand a woman etc etc; Ain’t you fed up of listening to all these cliches? Oh, well I am! I’m certainly not disagreeing to the fact that we are complicated. Yes, we are and why not; the best treasures can only be found after going through a mind-wobbling maze.


And now, Dear Men : a little talk for you;

Unlike men, we’re sensitive and we overreact. And yes, I hate to roll this ball out but the basic nature of every woman is the same. *Not the ‘bad’ same, the good same*. We expect to much. The last thing you do in your life on earth to annoy a woman is to tell her to stop expecting. If you do that, it’s time for you to pack your bags and get out of her life.

Expecting things (not materialistic) is our favorite hobby. Tell us to do anything, but once you tell a woman that she’s expecting too much; Dude, eventually you’re going to be kicked out. * Repeat after me: Never tell or teach a woman about her expectations (Follow the same for shopping and make-up too).

Leaving the small things a side,we’re humans just like you are. We can be impatient, impractical and over-emotional but none of it makes us lesser than you in any way.

We’re stronger than you and its high time you admit it. No, I’m certainly not talking about the physical pains that we take in order to bear your kids, but we’re strong for the fact that we keep on looking beautiful and never stop smiling even when the hottest rod of life strikes.

No, I don’t mean to say that you need to start worshiping women and fulfill all their expectations. There are only a few things every woman would want a man to understand..and that’s just how simple it is.

(Also,the next time your girlfriend comes to you crying (watery eyes) to you, instead of shouting at her to stop being a cry-baby. Hold her, that’ll help. Your harsh words would seriously never soothe our problems, get this straight and get this right!! – One of them.)

You need to think of us more than someone who’s dabbled up in pink from head to toe. Please there’s much more meaning to a woman’s existence and identity than just her concealer, lipstick and mascara.

Womanhood is about a lot of strength!
Womanhood is about a lot of strength!

You need to quit underestimating a woman’s capacity to drive or fight. (If you still do, bet you haven’t heard about classy women like Lisa Kelly.)

No, no, no, I’m not nagging nor I’m complaining and neither am I telling you understand a woman, what I’m trying to put up here is that you need start treating women the way they deserve to be treated. We’re not for you to be treated as playstuffs. We’re not for you to be shouted at..and We’re certainly not for you to be manhandled!

**Okay, why am I so stirred up about men ill-treating women: you’ll find the reason here: REASON WHY AM FURIOUS TODAY!**

Monday Tomorrow 😥



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