My Love for Writing!

*I promise I’m not going to go too long with this.*

I know, I’ve been over-doing this a lot lately. I also know that I’m not an excellent writer. Probably, I’m not even there where you can call me a writer. I don’t know what is it about writing which I just cannot let go. I love writing and maybe all my life, I’m going to go nothing but write.

I’m going to learn new things, explore myself as a writer, ditch all the grammatical errors that I do and apart from all this, I’m going express every emotion that comes to me by writing. My parents thought I’d be an engineer, but I definitely have other plans for my life.

Writing is the most real thing about myself that I’ve ever..ever came closer to. (Voice-cracking)

Why am I here infront of you with this?

Simple! I want you to say out loud and talk about all the things you love doing. Holding up your real self only because the world doesn’t seem to agree of it is sheer stupidity. You might not be excellent at what you want to do in life (Just like I’m not), but atleast you’ll know that you tried and you’ll eventually end up learning a lot in life.

Be fierce and you'll get everything you ever wanted in life.
Be fierce and you’ll get everything you ever wanted in life.

Write, Dance, Travel, Teach, Paint, Make Music, Be Creative and the most important of all, Be YOU!





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