Your Life is Full of Problems?? Rethink it!

Your relationship of 7 years just came to a halt, you’ve lost your job, your coworker is a pain, you’re underpaid, your neighbor’s a douche bag, you’re out of cash for the buying booze this weekend, and your friends are bi**hing about you…are these your life’s major problems? M A J O R!! Really?

Are you really that full of yourself that you don’t see how fortunate you are, to not going through the really problems of life? Have you ever considered taking a look around? I didn’t, until today! Relationships and career issues cannot be classified under ‘Life Problems’, is what I realized today. *What am I talking about? Wait for that.*

We often see our lives clouded in the problems and call them to be major ones while, they are nothing but mere situations which we have no clue on how to deal with. I mean, how is getting fired from a job called a major problem? You created a situation which you let out of your hands, it became worse and the result was that you got fired. Bad luck is also what we can call this. It’s not a problem. *Why am I saying this again and again?*

We are so much absorbed in ourselves, our lives and our motives that we’ve actually started putting tricky situations under the category of ‘Major Life Problems’. We need to stop; like this very minute! This is simply making our lives worse. It is only an invitation to unnecessary stress and nothing else!

You know what problems are:

  • Facing a natural disaster, losing your family and home to it; that’s what you call a problem.
  • Living on the streets with one child clutching your finger and the other one on its way to this world; being homeless: that is a problem.
  • Being abused and molested by your husband for dowry; that’s a problem.
  • Fighting with cancer for your life; that’s a problem.
  • Living in a war zone; that’s a problem!

Okay, what’s my point?

Stop seeing your problems under the magnifying lens. You’re doing nothing but wasting the life you’ve got, worrying about things which you can handle easily and which are not so big that your survival might be under jeopardy. Next time you face a ‘problem’, brace and tell yourself that this is just a tricky situation that you’re facing and you can deal this with a little wisdom and patience. Look around yourself, see those beggars on the streets; look at the lives they’re leading..that is what a life problem is. Your career, your lover, your friends..they might come back to you one day, but this..poverty, natural disasters, abuse; there are bleak chances that people going through these will ever see the sight of a new sunlight in their lives.


Kick away your ‘problems’. You’ve created them and you have the power to deal with them; however big they are. You’re going to get through it. Talk yourself into this and the tricky phase of your life, it’ll pass!

Relax and stop saying, “My Life is Full of Problems.”



4 thoughts on “Your Life is Full of Problems?? Rethink it!

  1. Very well said. Only if we realise that there are problems and then there are hurdles. I so hope humanity gets wisdom enough to distinguish one from other.

  2. Rightly Said! Problem is not a problem, Problem is your attitude toward the problem.
    Reminds me one of Rajesh Khanna’s movie Song, Duniya m kitna gam hai, mera gam kitna kam hai.

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