What is Your Meaning of Success?

Love might be a free bird or some,  whereas for others it might be a chained feeling. 

Happiness might be a child’s smile for some whereas, for others it might be about buying a swanky car.

We all have different definitions for everything. My idea of life might be totally different than that of yours. Just a little pensive today, thought I’d ask you about your definition of success. Of course, we all have our versions of it! *I promise, this is going to be a short and quick post. :)*

So what’s you idea of being successful?

Is it about graduating from an IIT and grabbing a hefty pay-package from Google? Is it about choosing your passion over profession? Is it about falling in love with right person? Is it about buying all the riches of the world? Is it about winning a girl’s heart? Is it about traveling to the ends of the earth? Or is it about it all? If it is, shut your ears because what I’m going to write might not win your hearts!

Materialism; is that success? Yes, that is what success if for us; only that! So fickle, so small! Have you ever noticed that you succeed in your life everyday. Yes, we’re actually ignoring the small things of life that together make up the big picture.  *What am I talking about?*

That is success!
That is success!

Well, every day when you wake up hale and hearty; that’s success. Every second that you breathe is success. Every time you eat a yummy meal, that is success (Not everyone gets to have that!) Every time your mother smile’s at you, that is success. Every time you reach home safely and sleep in your cozy beds, that is again success. (You know millions out there sleep on cold floors and tattered clothes.)

The fact that you’re living this life, my friend -That- is Success!

Appreciate what you have and success will follow; the quote in itself holds a huge meaning.

*Think about it!*



2 thoughts on “What is Your Meaning of Success?

  1. Great One !
    Success is something whose definition changes with time for you. I believe, making enjoying every small achievement as your success and making a higher target next time will keep you moving with your life. That’s all is required !!

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