7 Signs That Clearly Say : ‘You and Traveling’ are a Match Made in Heaven!

Have you been finding it difficult to sit on the same chair for hours every day? Do you often catch yourself browsing the Internet for exotic destinations across the world? Has your boss caught you doing that too? If yes, here’s the moment of truth; you’re in a bad need of a vacation. And, if you think that a single vacation won’t satiate your wanderlust, here’s an even bigger truth you need to come in terms with! Dear, you and traveling are a match made in heaven; soul mates indeed and all you should be doing now is, ditch that 9 to 5 job, pack your bags and get going! 


Not sure whether you want to do that? Here are 7 signs that you need to watch! If you’re showing even 5 of these, its time your reconsider your plans to continue the couch potato job!

1.  Your New Year Resolutions Talk Highly About Traveling: Yes, every year when you create a list of resolutions, traveling takes the first place. Every new year is an opportunity for you to create a new travel bucket-list.


2. Your Social Media Accounts are Full of Travel Quotes: If some one would have to find a perfect travel quote for a school project, they would find the best ones on your Facebook and Pinterest. You are absolutely crazy about inspiring travel quotations. You have a hidden urge and capacity to post a quote every 5 seconds!

Travel Quotes

3. You Have a Special #TBT Strategy: It is like your personal social media travel promotion strategy. You have an entire collection of pictures from your old trips that you have planned to put up on Instagram with the Throwback hashtag in future. #TBT is your thing!

4. Your Friends Turn To You For Every Travel Info They Need: Your friends and colleagues know it that you’re the best person to turn to when it comes to planning vacations. You will be there best source when they come up with travel plans. Even if you have not visited a place, you will find every bits of information hidden in every corner of the Internet for your friends. It’s like a thrilling project for you!

You are a travel encyclopedia!
You are a travel encyclopedia!

5. You Often Fall Asleep Dreaming About Travel: And, the next morning that you wake up, all you have is an afterglow of the night you spent dreaming about traveling to far off places.

You often dream about this!
You often dream about this!

6. You Have a Capacity to Pre-Plan a Year in Advance:

You: “OMG! I’m going to Goa Sunburn in December”

Friend: “Wow, this December is going to cool for you!”

You: “December 2016, I meant.”

This is a common conversation. And every day, you spend hours creating you Goa itinerary.

Do you agree?
Do you agree?

7. You Feel the Happiest While on the Road: Lastly, travel infuses a certain peace in you. It refreshes your mind and makes you unstoppable. You find yourself smiling looking out of the window while traveling. It brings you peace!

You Absolutely Love Road Trips!
You Absolutely Love Road Trips!

*Do you relate to these? Yes!!! Go, catch a plane now, you wouldn’t want to miss on the one true love of your life, would you?*



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