Stop Surviving, Start Living!

Life is one big bundle of emotions. There is sadness, joy, relief, disgust, remorse, love et al. Sometimes life might seem to be bed of roses while at other times, you might just think of it as a claptrap. Whatever and however it is, life goes on, time flies by and only fittest survive. Yes – I’m on the survival of the fittest track. Might sound cliche, but yes – repeat it with me- only the fittest survive.

Have you ever thought how the essence of life has always hid itself in the concept of survival? As kids, we all thought, we were here to live. Eventually, science and society taught us that survival is all that we are here for. This rat race for survival, why? Why is it so important to be the fittest? Show’s a every superficial side of the mankind, doesn’t it?


Is life a competition? Is life a race? Are you a guinea pig that needs to keeping running to survive? For once, let us divert our attention from survival to living and from fittest to strongest.

Honestly, the idea of merely surviving sounds miserable to me. Why do you have to compete for your identity, for your survival? Can we not just live peacefully? Is earning money, finding the roof above our heads, marrying the right person; just all about it? I fail to understand why we keep wasting our life in trying to survive, while all this time we’ve been presented with this life to live. Yes- LIVE!

Just stop for a while and think! Give yourself time. Give your interests time. Don’t waste your time in the monotony of society and life that it pushes you to lead. Everyone in the world id unique and so should be the plans of our lives.

Banish the concept of societal dogmas from your mind. Set your heart, mind and soul on a journey where you find yourself.

You’ve got just one life, live it!



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