About the blog

‘Uncluttered Panorama’...

                                                    this blog is about a lot of things. I am aiming to depict it as an immaculate projection of my thoughts and interests.

The blog is a clutter-free description of things that invoke thoughts and generate new ideas.

This blog is not based on just any particular topic. It’s about a lot of things ranging from travel to women, from fashion to philosophy and from quotes to videos.

With ‘ UnPan i.e short for Uncluttered Panorama’, I intend to bring various social issues, general topics and fashion statements into light.

It is about bringing the world of thoughts together under one virtual space together.

I hope you have fun reading the posts.

I AM….

I suppose you’ve read all of it towards the right of the blog, but again if you wish to, let me repeat the track.

In my early twenties, I am a lover.. rather say, worship’per’ of the written word. I am someone who loves to read ( Of course, that is why I am here).

Various things about life, this world, different cultures, human nature and the society have always poked my thoughts and so I thought that it is now that I am in a desperate need of a blog and hence, this is here.

Teesha, is someone who’ll write what is on her mind at the very moment. I love pictures , photography basically. So most of my posts here are going to contain a lot of new, unique and vibrant pictures.
I am going to post a lot about Women. ( This doesn’t need explanation ).
I believe in expressing by writing. ( You know ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’). 

That’s about me and about the blog.



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