What is Your Meaning of Success?

Love might be a free bird or some,  whereas for others it might be a chained feeling. 

Happiness might be a child’s smile for some whereas, for others it might be about buying a swanky car.

We all have different definitions for everything. My idea of life might be totally different than that of yours. Just a little pensive today, thought I’d ask you about your definition of success. Of course, we all have our versions of it! *I promise, this is going to be a short and quick post. :)*

So what’s you idea of being successful?

Is it about graduating from an IIT and grabbing a hefty pay-package from Google? Is it about choosing your passion over profession? Is it about falling in love with right person? Is it about buying all the riches of the world? Is it about winning a girl’s heart? Is it about traveling to the ends of the earth? Or is it about it all? If it is, shut your ears because what I’m going to write might not win your hearts!

Materialism; is that success? Yes, that is what success if for us; only that! So fickle, so small! Have you ever noticed that you succeed in your life everyday. Yes, we’re actually ignoring the small things of life that together make up the big picture.  *What am I talking about?*

That is success!
That is success!

Well, every day when you wake up hale and hearty; that’s success. Every second that you breathe is success. Every time you eat a yummy meal, that is success (Not everyone gets to have that!) Every time your mother smile’s at you, that is success. Every time you reach home safely and sleep in your cozy beds, that is again success. (You know millions out there sleep on cold floors and tattered clothes.)

The fact that you’re living this life, my friend -That- is Success!

Appreciate what you have and success will follow; the quote in itself holds a huge meaning.

*Think about it!*



My Love for Writing!

*I promise I’m not going to go too long with this.*

I know, I’ve been over-doing this a lot lately. I also know that I’m not an excellent writer. Probably, I’m not even there where you can call me a writer. I don’t know what is it about writing which I just cannot let go. I love writing and maybe all my life, I’m going to go nothing but write.

I’m going to learn new things, explore myself as a writer, ditch all the grammatical errors that I do and apart from all this, I’m going express every emotion that comes to me by writing. My parents thought I’d be an engineer, but I definitely have other plans for my life.

Writing is the most real thing about myself that I’ve ever..ever came closer to. (Voice-cracking)

Why am I here infront of you with this?

Simple! I want you to say out loud and talk about all the things you love doing. Holding up your real self only because the world doesn’t seem to agree of it is sheer stupidity. You might not be excellent at what you want to do in life (Just like I’m not), but atleast you’ll know that you tried and you’ll eventually end up learning a lot in life.

Be fierce and you'll get everything you ever wanted in life.
Be fierce and you’ll get everything you ever wanted in life.

Write, Dance, Travel, Teach, Paint, Make Music, Be Creative and the most important of all, Be YOU!




GUEST POST :Be Updated – Is the New Human Breed any kind of Software ?


Hello ! I’d like to welcome you again, to go through my article, and as I mentioned earlier , about myself in my previous article, that I hope my piece of work makes you think ‘Why’ .
So this time my topic is a bit practical and like me, many of the youth outside have experienced the pressure in today’s need of being ‘Updated’ , atleast once in their lifetime.

I want to make a point in my article that I’m not leading any person, of any age group, to deny the urge of acquiring knowledge about the latest techniques or be purely dependent on others for any sort of information.

The youth today, wants to be independent. They want to learn, work, earn and mark their names on the efficient employee list. No matter what kind of job they do, whether it be small or big, the youth want to stand on their own feet.

Ofcourse, they’ll have to start it from somewhere, and the most common ‘first step’ in the success ladder is to find a suitable job in a company. They go through a number of rounds , clear them , and some get rejected. Then finally comes , the most important round, personal interview, where a group of people sit on the other side of the table to decide your existence in their company or not . No matter how many rounds you clear, but the personal interview can either ruin your efforts or it may make it worth your efforts.

Personal interview entirely depends upon the candidate’s personality, so it could match up the company’s standards. And also to judge , how much the candidate is Updated.
Nowadays the interviewer needs a candidate, who has already acquired the knowledge he/she requires in that specific job, which the company is providing. The company , instead of teaching the candidates or providing knowledge to him/her , wants to drain every bit of knowledge from the him.

They are not interested in making the candidate Learn. For commercial gain, only those candidates are chosen, who are Updated. Updated to the newer means technology and reduce the company’s investment cost.

This new trend in the industrial sector makes me wonder , Is the new human breed a kind of software , which needs to be updated ?

People create software and update them accordingly. But God , The Almighty, didn’t create the human to be updated with every knowledge of the new technology, rather God created its men to Learn.



Switching from Money to Passion : The Process of Changing Career

It’s amazing to listen to stories like, XYZ was working as a Managing Director with some pricey firm and gave up the job to make a career in music. Some of these stories turn out to be a success while some transform into a fiasco. There are several such stories around us, success stories mostly. Talking of such career changing stories, how can we forget our very own Chetan Bhagat, the author, columnist and speaker now, who left his job as an Investment Banker in 2009 to take up life as a writer..and..he did create a commotion in India with his writings. His choice of switching his career gave India not one, but many brilliant writers. ** I’m not trying to bring his accolades to bright light,here.**

The Crossroads Denom
The Crossroads Demon

Today,changing career is the new wave in India. People are taking courage to switch from a job that brings them a hefty bank balance to a job that they’re passionate about. We know ,India has suffered from the ‘Engineering-epidemic’, everyone and anyone wants to be an engineer. The situation today is such that there are more number of engineers * Unemployed, baffled and lost * than the opportunities in our country. Not everyone who makes it to an engineering college is able to carve a niche for himself in the professional world. We need to to understand that engineering is a hot career option only when you are able to make it to a prestigious institution and are passionate about dealing with hard-disks, computer software, electrical circuits, gears & bearings, cement…and..all those apparently glossy engineering relatives. * I’m trying to say is that for a great career you need to be passion-driven.*


**Why am I writing this : Yes, because I’m smack in the middle of a cyclone called Career-ina**

Switching from one work category to another does not come easily to everyone. There are a lot of risks involved. You need to realize and decide keeping all the factors in mind that when you are to switch to a different career. Usually, switching career occurs at a later stage in our country. ** You are walking on 34, You have a family.. you’re bored with the grey suit, you see meetings at lunch, no less than a calamity, It’s usually the situation when an average Indian decides he wants a change.** This may sound too late to switch. There is pressure from the society, family and every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world. “You just can’t flip it because you’re bored”, ” You have a family to support “, ” You just can’t risk all that money, you’re making for a passion”…and what not..you hear from people to whom you turn to for an advice. No doubt, its late..but better late than never. You cannot spend next 25 years of your life doing something that does not excite you. I feel, this will only leave you with regrets of not doing things you wanted to do all your life, professionally.

Think hard!!
Think hard!!

Changing career, even before it begins is still a safer option. You have time to analyze what you want to do, what amount of hard-work you’ll have to put in. It’s okay to graduate in commerce and end up choosing dance on the professional front. *I’m not telling you to be impulse-driven here*. Don’t just change it because you’re bored, do it because you don’t want to earn boring..do it because you want to settle, and make the best out of your option. I know, many of you would say, why leave a 70K pay package for something which you can continue simultaneously **Really!!! How many of you can follow dance passionately and attend meetings and give presentations all in just a week..even if you can..can you be happy…I’m sure, a lot of people might even manage, but there is still a good percentage of people who cannot**

Avoid this
Avoid this

Keep a lot of things in mind before you seriously choose heart ( passion) over mind ( money ).

  • Choose an area of interest very carefully. Self-analysis is must here. If you’re not genuinely a singer, don’t give up that cubicle of yours.
  • After you’re positive of what you want to do, Make sure that you search about everything related to it as a profession. ( like, will you have to join some course, what are the working areas and then of course how much money will you be able to make out of it. **You need to  have a practical outlook**.
  • Demonstrate patience. Nothing will come to you in a minute. You will have to be motivated, dedicated and patient. Be prepared.
  • Keep calm and make a list of the risks involved. With proper planning, no passion can ever turn into a waste, Believe in this.
Embrace freedom!!
Embrace freedom!!

You can do it is the mantra. Think about it : If you can work in finance for 7 years of your life, while loving music, you can definitely do wonders with putting both your mind and heart into music.

There are obstacles, I know. Social pressure, being the biggest of all. Let go it, embrace passion. When you’re passionate, you can never fail.

** I believe it, I’m going to walk on it, whether I fail or succeed, I wont be left with regrets about not following what I loved to do, in the end. I will be the only person responsible for my actions, my career choices won’t be society-driven.**

” Follow your dreams and passion, and success will find its way to you one day. “