GUEST POST : St. Stephen’s – A Second Home

The 7th of April, 2006,
How could I forget this date?
my very first day in this institution,
to meet all my new mates.
Class 4, section- D,
I went seeking it for a whole lot of time,
And there it stood in front of me,
With a shine.
I moved in with shivering legs,
And curiosity and eagerness,
To know the students and their names,
Who would soon be my friends, nevertheless.
And then it started all over again,
New friends, new bonds, new everything,
Which I wouldn’t let anyone to take away,
At the cost of anything.
We were all promoted to the next level,
Every year, together,
With roots of our friendship getting,
deeper and deeper.
We’ve cried together in sadness,
Laughed in happiness,
Supported in adversity,
And never touched loneliness.
We’ve had the scoldings of some teachers,
The love of others,
Which has always been for our good,
And good wishes came like flowers.
I thank all my teachers,
For the values and support,
And all my friends,
For the love and care they bestowed.
Thank you Carver sir,
For dreaming of this institution,
And making it come true,
Your oh-so-great ambition.
And now, today’s the day,
When we bid goodbye,
To everyone, so kind and true,
St. Stephen’s, we honor you.
                                        Semper sursum!


Diksha says:

A school is a place where every child goes, whether s/he likes it or not, when s/he enters the 3rd year of her/his life. Initially, no child likes to go to school as s/he sees many new faces which s/he may also be afraid of, but with time, unknowingly, it becomes a part of the child, a place where s/he goes on daily basis, a temple, a second home.

     You and I have also been to our school which somewhere in our hearts, has a special place. Almost all of us miss the amazing moments that we spent in the eye of it and we admire it too. So here’s a poem that i wrote last year (while it was time for me to pass out) expressing all that I feel for my school, my St. Stephen’s.  Hope you all like it.


Though I was only 3, 
when you left me,
but I miss those moments,
that I spent with thee.
I wished for the candies,
when you were here,
and had them all,
without any fear.
Now are put restrictions,
when i wish for the same,
as I am told always,
‘When tooth decay will occur, 
you’ll be the one to blame’.
It has been 12 long years,
since I saw you,
you would leave me here,
I never knew.
Why did you have to go grand-dad?
Why did you have to die?
Why did you leave me behind,
with nothing to do, but cry?
I miss all our talks, and walks,
and I miss the love you showered.
I miss the amazing guidance,
and all the stories you told.
I hope that somewhere,
wherever you may be,
You can hear me now,
and  read this poem and see.
It was the 16th of January,
which became an unforgettable day,
I really miss you,
And this is all I’d like to say.
DIKSHA   Diksha is a young girl of 16 who is a fun-loving youth. She  smiles when she is sad, laughs, makes everyone mad, and writes  about anything randomly that ever touches her heart. When  something unusual happens, she loves to play the ‘rhyme  game’ in which she writes a poem and expresses in it, all that  she feels about the moment and situation. She loves to dance,  listens to songs and does all that can get the craziness and the  hidden naughty kid out of her. This is the way she is.
                                                             This is she. 🙂

GUEST POST : Under Mango Tree


It was the birth time for me

When my mind was set free,

Under my mango tree

Which raised me from one and two to three.

I have played around this tree,

It’s shadow lets me breathe free.

It protected me from the rain

No little sorrow , no little pain.

I remember the time I threw stones so high,

To break some arms of my tree.

Only to get what I need,

Some mangoes and I felt relieved.

I didn’t realize when I grew up,

The tree lost it’s crew.

Now I only see a plain land,

No mango nor even a single strand.

Now I wish I could get you back,

To play around you , to sit and relax.

The time that flew when I grew up, 

I found peace,Under my mango tree.

By Megha Sharma

GUEST POST: Life of a Loser


Loser’ . Ahh ! What a small word it is. We all know what it means, and definitely none of us wants to be in the category of an ‘L’. Do we know why ??

Its simple reason being we all believe that such people are worthless and they are not having any standard in our so-called ‘society’. But , what is our society ? It’s a crowd, which we all are a part of. There is another category of people in this society, called the ‘winners’. They are loved by everyone. But ‘to succeed in life, you must have the courage to be hated’ ,as stated by Paulo Coelho ( The Alchemist ).

Loser and winners are an important part of the society’s crowd. There is a very small difference between these two categories . The winners work hard for their goals and fortunately, they get it. While the losers , don’t win much . But we can’t be judgemental and say that the losers don’t deserve to get any acknowledgement from our society.

To be a winner, you have to be a loser in the first place. A winner gets what he wants from life , but  does’nt exposes himself to the various phases and characters of life.

‘Practice makes man perfect’ , this phrase has always inspired me so many times. But on the contrary , I know there is no such thing called perfection. Being imperfect is a part of life on its own. We should love being imperfect. Also these practices include numerous losers.

I might have deviated from the subject, but talking about the perfection and imperfection was as important point , leading my article to its conclusion.

So , coming back to my article’s title about the ‘life of a loser’, which has never been easy. You have a loser in yourself and trust me , it’s not an evil thing . Being a loser keeps you humble , and down to earth. A loser experiences more from life than any other category of people in our society. To lose , sometimes gets you closer to reality and grounded. You learn to understand the true worth of success and respect it . It teaches you those lessons from life which no elder or any of your idol can do. A loser has no worth in the society and is not heard , it gives him the strength to keep quiet. The sequence of losing , in the path of success , gives him the ability to maintain calm and focused, under-pressurized situations. Losing is always necessary in the first place or even a number of times , this gives the feeling of determination to the loser, determination to win.

There are a few things that a loser must learn from every experience of life he gets, to name a few , I can say, first, never take your first loss as your last try. Secondly , practice more and more ,till you find yourself  worth reaching closest to perfection. And remember , nobody in this world is perfect.

The only person who can make you feel like a loser is ‘YOU’ , yourself. A loser is never a person who is tagged with this name by the society. If you treat yourself a loser in a positive way and go towards the path of losing and being determined towards your goal, then nothing can stop you from tasting the cream of success.

The success that comes after a series of losing , is worth a million. You can never understand it’s true worth if you get is easily. Even the purest of gold comes by melting it continuously under the highest of temperatures.

A loser is open to everything in life and has been through every rough patch , a number of times. This generates a character trait of a wise man, in the loser. You should appreciate what you have , but also should never hesitate from exploring more and more of yourself.

The society needs to change its outlook towards a loser. If I can help in this matter then certainly I would like to advice the society and myself that we all can feel equal and satisfied by simply keeping in mind that a loser is a lover. You have to stop being judgemental and keep inspiring each person you see.

Take the ‘S’ from the ‘LOSER’ and add a ‘V’ instead. Be a ‘LOVER’ and treat everybody like one .



GUEST POST :Be Updated – Is the New Human Breed any kind of Software ?


Hello ! I’d like to welcome you again, to go through my article, and as I mentioned earlier , about myself in my previous article, that I hope my piece of work makes you think ‘Why’ .
So this time my topic is a bit practical and like me, many of the youth outside have experienced the pressure in today’s need of being ‘Updated’ , atleast once in their lifetime.

I want to make a point in my article that I’m not leading any person, of any age group, to deny the urge of acquiring knowledge about the latest techniques or be purely dependent on others for any sort of information.

The youth today, wants to be independent. They want to learn, work, earn and mark their names on the efficient employee list. No matter what kind of job they do, whether it be small or big, the youth want to stand on their own feet.

Ofcourse, they’ll have to start it from somewhere, and the most common ‘first step’ in the success ladder is to find a suitable job in a company. They go through a number of rounds , clear them , and some get rejected. Then finally comes , the most important round, personal interview, where a group of people sit on the other side of the table to decide your existence in their company or not . No matter how many rounds you clear, but the personal interview can either ruin your efforts or it may make it worth your efforts.

Personal interview entirely depends upon the candidate’s personality, so it could match up the company’s standards. And also to judge , how much the candidate is Updated.
Nowadays the interviewer needs a candidate, who has already acquired the knowledge he/she requires in that specific job, which the company is providing. The company , instead of teaching the candidates or providing knowledge to him/her , wants to drain every bit of knowledge from the him.

They are not interested in making the candidate Learn. For commercial gain, only those candidates are chosen, who are Updated. Updated to the newer means technology and reduce the company’s investment cost.

This new trend in the industrial sector makes me wonder , Is the new human breed a kind of software , which needs to be updated ?

People create software and update them accordingly. But God , The Almighty, didn’t create the human to be updated with every knowledge of the new technology, rather God created its men to Learn.