Stop Surviving, Start Living!

Life is one big bundle of emotions. There is sadness, joy, relief, disgust, remorse, love et al. Sometimes life might seem to be bed of roses while at other times, you might just think of it as a claptrap. Whatever and however it is, life goes on, time flies by and only fittest survive. Yes – I’m on the survival of the fittest track. Might sound cliche, but yes – repeat it with me- only the fittest survive.

Have you ever thought how the essence of life has always hid itself in the concept of survival? As kids, we all thought, we were here to live. Eventually, science and society taught us that survival is all that we are here for. This rat race for survival, why? Why is it so important to be the fittest? Show’s a every superficial side of the mankind, doesn’t it?


Is life a competition? Is life a race? Are you a guinea pig that needs to keeping running to survive? For once, let us divert our attention from survival to living and from fittest to strongest.

Honestly, the idea of merely surviving sounds miserable to me. Why do you have to compete for your identity, for your survival? Can we not just live peacefully? Is earning money, finding the roof above our heads, marrying the right person; just all about it? I fail to understand why we keep wasting our life in trying to survive, while all this time we’ve been presented with this life to live. Yes- LIVE!

Just stop for a while and think! Give yourself time. Give your interests time. Don’t waste your time in the monotony of society and life that it pushes you to lead. Everyone in the world id unique and so should be the plans of our lives.

Banish the concept of societal dogmas from your mind. Set your heart, mind and soul on a journey where you find yourself.

You’ve got just one life, live it!



Bucket List 2015: 15 Things I Want To Do Next Year

15 more days and 2015 will be there staring at us. Every year all of us try to bring out a set of resolutions; some of us succeed while some fail. Personally, I’ve had a tough time standing up on my bucket list 2014 (I still think, I accomplished a few things). And yet again, with my undying zest to complete a bucket list, I’ve come up with a new one. Go through my crazy list here!


1. T R A V E L ! T R A V E L ! T R A V E L! Yes, I mention it every time and just like the last year, I’m doing it again! Eversince this Manali sojourn, I’m even more smitten by the hills. Atleast 4 new places, I aim to travel in 2015.

2. R E A D! R E AD! Yes- after traveling that is the next thing which keeps my me going. One new book every month! (I could use some suggestions in the comments 🙂 )

3. Buy a New Laptop! So yes, I’ve got to save money and then work my ass off for this one!

4. Last year, my bucket list had a thing about joining a Master’s Course and a Creative Writing one. The latter is done! Former still in the winds. So, a Master’s Course again!

5.  Tattoo number 3. My Tattoo spree for 2014 is done! It is a beautiful quill tattoo on the wrist. This year, I’ll get something small, beautiful yet strong! (Open to suggestions)

6. Be a Better Writer. I’ve been writing for 2 years now. I still feel that I’m not putting my soul into it. I want to explore the better side of it.

7. Be a Good Human. Yes- the more you grow, the better person you should aim at being. I don’t want to be a person who seems cold and bitter. An act of kindness can definitely bring you a lot of peace.

8. Mediate and Exercise: In short, Feel Good and Look Good 🙂

9. Get Atleast One Write-up Published. I want to write one story or one piece which really helps in changing the mindsets of the masses. If not hundreds, only a handful would go!

10. Be a Storyteller. I just want to create my own world of stories now!

11. Spend One Month in the Lap of the Mountains. Come flood or fire, I’m going to do this and for real!


12. Relocate– Well, maybe! I think I need a change from the place now. It’s high time I explore my options, career and the life!

13. Forgive! Mastering the act of forgiveness is a big thing. I want to take the first step towards it now.

14. Meet New People and Make new Friends. ( I love talking…I just love talking to people, listening to their stories and blabbering my own!)

15. Let go atleast one bad habit. ( I still have to figure out which one! :P)

I know, it isn’t a very fancy list. It’s do-able though. Do let me know about your resolutions and bucket-list for the next year, in the comments below!


What is Your Meaning of Success?

Love might be a free bird or some,  whereas for others it might be a chained feeling. 

Happiness might be a child’s smile for some whereas, for others it might be about buying a swanky car.

We all have different definitions for everything. My idea of life might be totally different than that of yours. Just a little pensive today, thought I’d ask you about your definition of success. Of course, we all have our versions of it! *I promise, this is going to be a short and quick post. :)*

So what’s you idea of being successful?

Is it about graduating from an IIT and grabbing a hefty pay-package from Google? Is it about choosing your passion over profession? Is it about falling in love with right person? Is it about buying all the riches of the world? Is it about winning a girl’s heart? Is it about traveling to the ends of the earth? Or is it about it all? If it is, shut your ears because what I’m going to write might not win your hearts!

Materialism; is that success? Yes, that is what success if for us; only that! So fickle, so small! Have you ever noticed that you succeed in your life everyday. Yes, we’re actually ignoring the small things of life that together make up the big picture.  *What am I talking about?*

That is success!
That is success!

Well, every day when you wake up hale and hearty; that’s success. Every second that you breathe is success. Every time you eat a yummy meal, that is success (Not everyone gets to have that!) Every time your mother smile’s at you, that is success. Every time you reach home safely and sleep in your cozy beds, that is again success. (You know millions out there sleep on cold floors and tattered clothes.)

The fact that you’re living this life, my friend -That- is Success!

Appreciate what you have and success will follow; the quote in itself holds a huge meaning.

*Think about it!*


Your Life is Full of Problems?? Rethink it!

Uncluttered Panorama

Your relationship of 7 years just came to a halt, you’ve lost your job, your coworker is a pain, you’re underpaid, your neighbor’s a douche bag, you’re out of cash for the buying booze this weekend, and your friends are bi**hing about you…are these your life’s major problems? M A J O R!! Really?

Are you really that full of yourself that you don’t see how fortunate you are, to not going through the really problems of life? Have you ever considered taking a look around? I didn’t, until today! Relationships and career issues cannot be classified under ‘Life Problems’, is what I realized today. *What am I talking about? Wait for that.*

We often see our lives clouded in the problems and call them to be major ones while, they are nothing but mere situations which we have no clue on how to deal with. I mean, how is getting fired from a job called a major problem? You created a situation which you let out of your hands, it became worse and the result was that you got fired. Bad luck is also what we can call this. It’s not a problem. *Why am I saying this again and again?*

We are so much absorbed in ourselves, our lives and our motives that we’ve actually started putting tricky situations under the category of ‘Major Life Problems’. We need to stop; like this very minute! This is simply making our lives worse. It is only an invitation to unnecessary stress and nothing else!

You know what problems are:

  • Facing a natural disaster, losing your family and home to it; that’s what you call a problem.
  • Living on the streets with one child clutching your finger and the other one on its way to this world; being homeless: that is a problem.
  • Being abused and molested by your husband for dowry; that’s a problem.
  • Fighting with cancer for your life; that’s a problem.
  • Living in a war zone; that’s a problem!

Okay, what’s my point?

Stop seeing your problems under the magnifying lens. You’re doing nothing but wasting the life you’ve got, worrying about things which you can handle easily and which are not so big that your survival might be under jeopardy. Next time you face a ‘problem’, brace and tell yourself that this is just a tricky situation that you’re facing and you can deal this with a little wisdom and patience. Look around yourself, see those beggars on the streets; look at the lives they’re leading..that is what a life problem is. Your career, your lover, your friends..they might come back to you one day, but this..poverty, natural disasters, abuse; there are bleak chances that people going through these will ever see the sight of a new sunlight in their lives.


Kick away your ‘problems’. You’ve created them and you have the power to deal with them; however big they are. You’re going to get through it. Talk yourself into this and the tricky phase of your life, it’ll pass!

Relax and stop saying, “My Life is Full of Problems.”



Quill Tattoo, Teesha Bhasin
The tattoo which means a lot to me. *Power*

And then, she sat down to write the finest story. It was going to be about her. She did not want to push her thoughts. Their natural flow is what she wanted to jot down on paper. She wanted to see how far her natural flair and creativity could go. She was done with fabricating her thoughts for the world to read it. She did not want fancy words to add volume to her story. She did not want to edit her draft. She did not want to re-write.

She wanted to be the writer who experienced the moment and wrote it down in a way that it could be re-lived by her and the people around her just like it originally was. She did not want to stop typing. She did not want to use backspace and she knew that this was going to be big. She wanted this for herself. She wanted to write endlessly. Maybe she wanted to lift the fear, the burden off her shoulders, her heart. And, the least of it, she knew she was going to get what she wanted. It was staring right at her. She had locked her gaze with it and she was going to get it. What was it? It wasn’t success. It wasn’t liberty. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t beauty. It wasn’t fame!! Then what was it?

 It was the belief that she could be what she wanted to be. Her pen could make her what she yearned for. Her pen could weave a place for her where there is love, success, liberty, beauty, fame and peace! She believed it and she was going to do it. She was going to use her pen as the wand that would bring everything she wanted in life on paper.

For her the words she penned down were not made of ink. They were her emotions and her dreams which took the blue-black hue. She wanted her feelings to be woven into a garland of beautiful words. Words that flew effortlessly on paper. Words which sounded the simplest but had the deepest meanings. She wanted her words to be subtle yet strong, dark yet lively, funny yet sensitive. She wanted that kind of thing for herself and her writing. She wanted to drain every drop of feelings and thoughts that she had, on paper. She wanted to see them out of her mind and heart, right infront of her. She wanted brilliance. She wanted grace and most of all, she wanted ELOQUENCE!