Stop Surviving, Start Living!

Life is one big bundle of emotions. There is sadness, joy, relief, disgust, remorse, love et al. Sometimes life might seem to be bed of roses while at other times, you might just think of it as a claptrap. Whatever and however it is, life goes on, time flies by and only fittest survive. Yes – I’m on the survival of the fittest track. Might sound cliche, but yes – repeat it with me- only the fittest survive.

Have you ever thought how the essence of life has always hid itself in the concept of survival? As kids, we all thought, we were here to live. Eventually, science and society taught us that survival is all that we are here for. This rat race for survival, why? Why is it so important to be the fittest? Show’s a every superficial side of the mankind, doesn’t it?


Is life a competition? Is life a race? Are you a guinea pig that needs to keeping running to survive? For once, let us divert our attention from survival to living and from fittest to strongest.

Honestly, the idea of merely surviving sounds miserable to me. Why do you have to compete for your identity, for your survival? Can we not just live peacefully? Is earning money, finding the roof above our heads, marrying the right person; just all about it? I fail to understand why we keep wasting our life in trying to survive, while all this time we’ve been presented with this life to live. Yes- LIVE!

Just stop for a while and think! Give yourself time. Give your interests time. Don’t waste your time in the monotony of society and life that it pushes you to lead. Everyone in the world id unique and so should be the plans of our lives.

Banish the concept of societal dogmas from your mind. Set your heart, mind and soul on a journey where you find yourself.

You’ve got just one life, live it!




Quill Tattoo, Teesha Bhasin
The tattoo which means a lot to me. *Power*

And then, she sat down to write the finest story. It was going to be about her. She did not want to push her thoughts. Their natural flow is what she wanted to jot down on paper. She wanted to see how far her natural flair and creativity could go. She was done with fabricating her thoughts for the world to read it. She did not want fancy words to add volume to her story. She did not want to edit her draft. She did not want to re-write.

She wanted to be the writer who experienced the moment and wrote it down in a way that it could be re-lived by her and the people around her just like it originally was. She did not want to stop typing. She did not want to use backspace and she knew that this was going to be big. She wanted this for herself. She wanted to write endlessly. Maybe she wanted to lift the fear, the burden off her shoulders, her heart. And, the least of it, she knew she was going to get what she wanted. It was staring right at her. She had locked her gaze with it and she was going to get it. What was it? It wasn’t success. It wasn’t liberty. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t beauty. It wasn’t fame!! Then what was it?

 It was the belief that she could be what she wanted to be. Her pen could make her what she yearned for. Her pen could weave a place for her where there is love, success, liberty, beauty, fame and peace! She believed it and she was going to do it. She was going to use her pen as the wand that would bring everything she wanted in life on paper.

For her the words she penned down were not made of ink. They were her emotions and her dreams which took the blue-black hue. She wanted her feelings to be woven into a garland of beautiful words. Words that flew effortlessly on paper. Words which sounded the simplest but had the deepest meanings. She wanted her words to be subtle yet strong, dark yet lively, funny yet sensitive. She wanted that kind of thing for herself and her writing. She wanted to drain every drop of feelings and thoughts that she had, on paper. She wanted to see them out of her mind and heart, right infront of her. She wanted brilliance. She wanted grace and most of all, she wanted ELOQUENCE!


And.. Just When You Thought you found Love

Starry nights..Long talks over the phone..Day-dreaming..stolen kisses and those bear hugs..Just when you start making peace with these and start smiling for having the love of your life is when reality sets in and hits you hard.


Can you not spread your wings and fly while still be in love?

Can you not let go of love and still be in love even more?

How do you even define love?

Is love the ‘LOVE’ we think it is?

Who gave us this term called love?

Love, sure is whimsical..mystical..and magical…but is it real..for real..!!!!

Is love just a state of our minds where we make our selves believe that we’ve been hard hit by the cupid..??

How do we even know that every human emotion is for real..?? *It sounds cranky, I know..but just give it a though*

Just when you start feeling the warmth of love engulfing your soul..does the chill of insecurities and life hit you hard..??

Is love the fuel of life? Is it practical to follow the footsteps of Romeo-Juliet and not those of your dreams and heart.

Where does your heart take you?? To evening called Love or to the Morning called life??

Just when you thought that you found that one true love of yours, Did something happen?? Did something shook your head?? Did you fall in love with yourself more??

..I’m asking you..because you’ve been dancing on the silver line of love and yet you’ve been thinking about all this now and then??

Did love really grip you..ever??

Shouldn’t love just be the lightest and the most delicate thing..Something that doesn’t keep your mind running in spirals??




Its Okay to be a Fool and have a Paradise of Your Own.

Twenties..that decade of a girl’s life when she actually learns to live. The decade where she faces the real world. *Normally*. For a normal Indian girl, twenties are the most crucial part of her life. It’s about graduating, aspiring to reach the top and then settling down.

Torn between the expectations of the society and her aspirations, the Twenties girl slowly carves a virtual nest of her own. A place where she can feel secure, happy and contend. This virtual piece of space is different for every girl. While for a girl it might be about swanky clothes and shopping for another it might be about earning the bread and butter for her family.

I have my own virtual space, my ‘Fool’s Paradise’, the world, the life want to see..maybe..two-three years from now. Its not a very fancy, sparkling pretty picture..but..Its the prettiest picture I can draw.

Catch the train to your Paradise!!

I see… Hills and beaches, Cultural exploration and T R A V E L. 

Then I see my self capturing every frame of this travel with a camera..So this world of mine is a little about my love of admiring PHOTOGRAPHY.

How can a travelling spree not include WRITING. Sharing your experiences is important.

Apart from these three things, when I close my eyes to visit this ‘world’ of mine. I see FREEDOM. Freedom from my inner insecurities and demons.

I see HAPPINESS of achieving want I want.

I see CELEBRATION. I want to celebrate life in every form..every achievement should be celebrated.

It’s important for us to build a whimsical world of our own. You cannot attempt to convert your imaginations and dreams into reality unless you don’t have any.