Bucket List 2015: 15 Things I Want To Do Next Year

15 more days and 2015 will be there staring at us. Every year all of us try to bring out a set of resolutions; some of us succeed while some fail. Personally, I’ve had a tough time standing up on my bucket list 2014 (I still think, I accomplished a few things). And yet again, with my undying zest to complete a bucket list, I’ve come up with a new one. Go through my crazy list here!


1. T R A V E L ! T R A V E L ! T R A V E L! Yes, I mention it every time and just like the last year, I’m doing it again! Eversince this Manali sojourn, I’m even more smitten by the hills. Atleast 4 new places, I aim to travel in 2015.

2. R E A D! R E AD! Yes- after traveling that is the next thing which keeps my me going. One new book every month! (I could use some suggestions in the comments 🙂 )

3. Buy a New Laptop! So yes, I’ve got to save money and then work my ass off for this one!

4. Last year, my bucket list had a thing about joining a Master’s Course and a Creative Writing one. The latter is done! Former still in the winds. So, a Master’s Course again!

5.  Tattoo number 3. My Tattoo spree for 2014 is done! It is a beautiful quill tattoo on the wrist. This year, I’ll get something small, beautiful yet strong! (Open to suggestions)

6. Be a Better Writer. I’ve been writing for 2 years now. I still feel that I’m not putting my soul into it. I want to explore the better side of it.

7. Be a Good Human. Yes- the more you grow, the better person you should aim at being. I don’t want to be a person who seems cold and bitter. An act of kindness can definitely bring you a lot of peace.

8. Mediate and Exercise: In short, Feel Good and Look Good 🙂

9. Get Atleast One Write-up Published. I want to write one story or one piece which really helps in changing the mindsets of the masses. If not hundreds, only a handful would go!

10. Be a Storyteller. I just want to create my own world of stories now!

11. Spend One Month in the Lap of the Mountains. Come flood or fire, I’m going to do this and for real!


12. Relocate– Well, maybe! I think I need a change from the place now. It’s high time I explore my options, career and the life!

13. Forgive! Mastering the act of forgiveness is a big thing. I want to take the first step towards it now.

14. Meet New People and Make new Friends. ( I love talking…I just love talking to people, listening to their stories and blabbering my own!)

15. Let go atleast one bad habit. ( I still have to figure out which one! :P)

I know, it isn’t a very fancy list. It’s do-able though. Do let me know about your resolutions and bucket-list for the next year, in the comments below!



Growing Old in Love

Growing old in love is the most blissful thing that can ever happen to a human.

We recognize Love as a volatile emotion. It can catch hold of you at any turn of life and then it can leave you stranded at just any twist of life. With such an impatient emotion at hand, there is nothing more blissful as compared to growing old with the person you love.


Love isn’t easy

Love is an amalgam of three things : Boredom, Sadness and Complication.

It isn’t easy to fall in and out of love. Love is not a simple emotion. There are thousand other emotions that come together to invent what we call ‘Love’.

The World of many worlds

Our world is a world of many worlds which can never be brought together until each and every world starts accepting its existence as a miniature of the ultimate world.

We live in a WORLD..a planet..Earth. There are millions of other worlds concatenated together to form this WORLD.  When we talk of World peace, we need to know that it is important to bring every small world-ling together and unite them to make the WORLD a happier and a peaceful place to live in.