Bucket List 2015: 15 Things I Want To Do Next Year

15 more days and 2015 will be there staring at us. Every year all of us try to bring out a set of resolutions; some of us succeed while some fail. Personally, I’ve had a tough time standing up on my bucket list 2014 (I still think, I accomplished a few things). And yet again, with my undying zest to complete a bucket list, I’ve come up with a new one. Go through my crazy list here!


1. T R A V E L ! T R A V E L ! T R A V E L! Yes, I mention it every time and just like the last year, I’m doing it again! Eversince this Manali sojourn, I’m even more smitten by the hills. Atleast 4 new places, I aim to travel in 2015.

2. R E A D! R E AD! Yes- after traveling that is the next thing which keeps my me going. One new book every month! (I could use some suggestions in the comments 🙂 )

3. Buy a New Laptop! So yes, I’ve got to save money and then work my ass off for this one!

4. Last year, my bucket list had a thing about joining a Master’s Course and a Creative Writing one. The latter is done! Former still in the winds. So, a Master’s Course again!

5.  Tattoo number 3. My Tattoo spree for 2014 is done! It is a beautiful quill tattoo on the wrist. This year, I’ll get something small, beautiful yet strong! (Open to suggestions)

6. Be a Better Writer. I’ve been writing for 2 years now. I still feel that I’m not putting my soul into it. I want to explore the better side of it.

7. Be a Good Human. Yes- the more you grow, the better person you should aim at being. I don’t want to be a person who seems cold and bitter. An act of kindness can definitely bring you a lot of peace.

8. Mediate and Exercise: In short, Feel Good and Look Good 🙂

9. Get Atleast One Write-up Published. I want to write one story or one piece which really helps in changing the mindsets of the masses. If not hundreds, only a handful would go!

10. Be a Storyteller. I just want to create my own world of stories now!

11. Spend One Month in the Lap of the Mountains. Come flood or fire, I’m going to do this and for real!


12. Relocate– Well, maybe! I think I need a change from the place now. It’s high time I explore my options, career and the life!

13. Forgive! Mastering the act of forgiveness is a big thing. I want to take the first step towards it now.

14. Meet New People and Make new Friends. ( I love talking…I just love talking to people, listening to their stories and blabbering my own!)

15. Let go atleast one bad habit. ( I still have to figure out which one! :P)

I know, it isn’t a very fancy list. It’s do-able though. Do let me know about your resolutions and bucket-list for the next year, in the comments below!




August 20, 2013


06:10 PM

A usual Tuesday evening; the rain playing its song of splashes, the fresh earthy smell. With its downward descent, the rain washes everything from the dusty roads to the sky-kissing buildings and engulfs the area with romance and peace.

I’m not a rain lover but today there’s this unusual tranquility that I’m finding in this music that the rain is playing. The strong aroma of the pakoras being made in the kitchen has urged my tongue to rain in the similar way. With the evening snacks and this monsoon placid, I’m in a different place today. This entire atmosphere is making sure that I time-travel to my part of my life as a kid.

To be honest, I’m not a rain lover. To me, the only good thing about the rain is that it let’s the soil escape the heat, in turn allowing our respiratory system to celebrate the sweet fragrance of monsoon. I’m a person who does not associate rains to romance. Rain to me is about broken and water-logged roads and being packed in my room. I don’t like getting drenched in rain.

But..then, there was a certainly a person in me who loved to soak every bit of my soul in the rain. As a kid, August was my favorite month because after school, on the days that it rained, I had my personal roof-top rain dance parties. It was a cooling respite to me after the enduring the scorching studies at school. My shoes, socks and tie came out in no time, I used to throw my bag in my room, change my clothes and would rush to the roof, all this, like a goldfinch in the Laburnum top. When my grandmother insisted me to finish my lunch first, I would make all kind of pleading puppy faces at her to let me dance in the rain first. I had this shatterproof relationship (that every 7-year old has) with the monsoon during the primary school years. After I turned 11, this rain-dance worship of mine deteriorated every year and then after I completed my matriculation; from a rain lover, I had transformed into a person to whom the rain was just another natural low-intensity cataclysmic phenomena.

Floating paper boats was so cool back then.

Today I’m trying to feast upon the childhood memories, It reminds me of how the rains were an important part of my growing up. Just like an average Indian kid, I correlated the rains to the dance, pakoras, jalebis and of course the refreshing fragrance of the wet soil. Post rain, the world around me looked cleansed and scrubbed.

And then slowly, studies and struggle to scribble my identity on the bulletin-board called society took the first place. Things I loved to do as a kid took the back-seat.

**Why am I talking about this**

Often, when I reflect upon these changes, I land up into this place where I realize that everyone gives up something or the other while growing up. For me it is the love of rain, for some one it might be something else. We change. From kids who love to splash in the muddy rain water, we change into grown-ups who swear at the same muddy rain water for messing up our shoes.

I am going to run to my roof.

It’s so comical. We’re into this race for being on the top and during all of this, we’re some other person altogether. It is complicated to live as a grown-up. It is easy being a kid. As a kid, things are either black or white, they are no grays.

It is necessary to connect to your true self once in while.

After all..



The Sweet Goodbye’s : Graduation

I was excited when I started with my school. Play-way to high school. High school to senior secondary; it all just flew and swirled with time. With senior secondary and schooling coming to an end we saw a lot of turns that life took. The dusk of these formative years marked sweet and sour memories, bitter-sweet goodbye’s. Those were probably the most awaited goodbye’s ever. Leaving the school uniforms and braids behind, we embraced the glossy college life. *Major Transition Number 1*

We wanted to explore life beyond our periphery and college provided the platform. Friends, left behind; some took the same road and some new, waited with smiling faces. The first 365 days of college made a rushing sound accompanied by the endless chatter, class bunks and sweet proposal-rejection memories.

 With Second year, we gained sense about how it feels to be called a senior. Of course, when you’ve spent a complete year in an institution you’re bound to feel that way. The college became a place we knew more about than the new batch.

Next, The third year made us realize the real reason behind, us being here..in this space. STUDY!! Backlogs created mayhem. They were all-over, every semester and this was the time when we started becoming conscious about the Bachelor’s degree. With slogging to clear the backlogs, the third year of Engineering went by too.

FOURTH AND THE FINAL YEAR!! This is when we wanted the time to stop. With realizations of starting a new responsible life; come these..pangs of fear..of letting go..!! This is the year which prepared us to go out and fight the real professional, financial, emotional and the mental battle. This year prepared us for SURVIVAL!!

These four years..four most important years of my life just passed by.. Just like that. It was just like writing a short 500 word article.. So quick.. so abrupt..!! Today it feels like.. I was running a marathon and didn’t care to catch my breath through all of it.

A few days left!! These goodbye’s will change everything about us and our existence. *MAJOR TRANSITION NUMBER 2*


This is a period where I’m saying goodbye again. The differences these 4 years made to my life can never be retraced. These memories will never will recreated. There will never be more bunks. There won’t be more day-outs. Our benches will get new occupants but our lives won’t get new memories of this college zest that we’re leaving behind.

With a heart, we’re all again saying goodbye and again embracing what’s a ahead.

Time flies and Life Goes on.