Your Life is Full of Problems?? Rethink it!

Uncluttered Panorama

Your relationship of 7 years just came to a halt, you’ve lost your job, your coworker is a pain, you’re underpaid, your neighbor’s a douche bag, you’re out of cash for the buying booze this weekend, and your friends are bi**hing about you…are these your life’s major problems? M A J O R!! Really?

Are you really that full of yourself that you don’t see how fortunate you are, to not going through the really problems of life? Have you ever considered taking a look around? I didn’t, until today! Relationships and career issues cannot be classified under ‘Life Problems’, is what I realized today. *What am I talking about? Wait for that.*

We often see our lives clouded in the problems and call them to be major ones while, they are nothing but mere situations which we have no clue on how to deal with. I mean, how is getting fired from a job called a major problem? You created a situation which you let out of your hands, it became worse and the result was that you got fired. Bad luck is also what we can call this. It’s not a problem. *Why am I saying this again and again?*

We are so much absorbed in ourselves, our lives and our motives that we’ve actually started putting tricky situations under the category of ‘Major Life Problems’. We need to stop; like this very minute! This is simply making our lives worse. It is only an invitation to unnecessary stress and nothing else!

You know what problems are:

  • Facing a natural disaster, losing your family and home to it; that’s what you call a problem.
  • Living on the streets with one child clutching your finger and the other one on its way to this world; being homeless: that is a problem.
  • Being abused and molested by your husband for dowry; that’s a problem.
  • Fighting with cancer for your life; that’s a problem.
  • Living in a war zone; that’s a problem!

Okay, what’s my point?

Stop seeing your problems under the magnifying lens. You’re doing nothing but wasting the life you’ve got, worrying about things which you can handle easily and which are not so big that your survival might be under jeopardy. Next time you face a ‘problem’, brace and tell yourself that this is just a tricky situation that you’re facing and you can deal this with a little wisdom and patience. Look around yourself, see those beggars on the streets; look at the lives they’re leading..that is what a life problem is. Your career, your lover, your friends..they might come back to you one day, but this..poverty, natural disasters, abuse; there are bleak chances that people going through these will ever see the sight of a new sunlight in their lives.


Kick away your ‘problems’. You’ve created them and you have the power to deal with them; however big they are. You’re going to get through it. Talk yourself into this and the tricky phase of your life, it’ll pass!

Relax and stop saying, “My Life is Full of Problems.”



I’m Stressed, Are You? : What To Do

Hello 🙂

To begin with: An Apology. I haven’t been able to fish out enough time for the blog in a few months now and I’m really sorry. I hope this post today, makes up for all of it.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly has instigated my thoughts and pulled me out from my slumber, well..I’d like to drop it..Its the ‘Stress’ thing…and why exactly am I instigated and all churned out, is what I’m going to tell you here.

6 days a week, I work my mind and fingers off ( Not that I’m complaining) and every evening when I walk back home, the first thing my mother says me to do within 30-minutes of my lying down on the almighty bed is : “CLEAN YOUR ROOM.” *I mean…duuhhhhh….please let me breathe the goodness of my room for atleast an hour before you go all berserk on the clean-yo-room spree.*

Okay leave this, the next thing she talks to me about is: “CAN YOU PAY THE ELECTRICITY, MOBILE PHONE AND CREDIT CARD BILLS TOMORROW?”  *Aaaaaa, I mean are you kidding me, I’m working a freaking 9-hour job and you want me do, drive all the way to 3 different ends of the city in the 45 minutes of lunch-break that I have…Mummmmyyyyy, SERIOUSLY.*

You know actually it’s not her mistake. She expects me do all the things that she did while she was my age, like juggling a job and  household like a pro. Little does she know, that now..the things have changed; our lives are different than that of a 23-year old back in the 1990s. Not that I’m talking about the generation gap thing, but the amount of stress that has stuffed our minds these days.


We just don’t have to worry about which clothes to wear to work and what food to cook, there are a lot of other things that stress us out today. Naming a few,

  • Work-Stress
  • Health (With diseases affecting the younger factions of the society, I bet maintaining a healthy body can also sometimes be a daunting task to do)
  • Relationships (Not that being in a relationship was something not known two decades ago, but certainly now being in a new relationship almost every month is something that accounts to a lot of stress, I’m sure)
  • Education (Accept it. You’re an Indian with a B.Tech degree in hand, your life is mopey. Go fill out some forms, crack a few entrance exams and take up a post-grad
  • Family (We might be branded as a generation that is reckless and cares about no one but themselves; Hell, none of it is true. We care as much as a new adult would for their families in any generation. We’re not numb)
  • And, the list is endless. Some might have raising money for a new iPhone on their stress list while others might have their granny’s ailment on the mind. The list depends from one person to another and it sure isn’t short at all. 

Now, what you can do for it?? Ya..ya..Yoga, Eat Well, Time Management etc etc..!! But actually, I don’t think so there’s anything which can help us deal with all this stress. Okay, these things might help you soothe the brain for a while but eventually stress, worries and anxiety are going to get you.

I’m stressed and even the 8-year old living in my neighborhood might be stressed about something. Hell, everyone on earth has this stress jam-packed in their brains for some or the other thing.

I think, understanding that only depression and crying don’t make up the stress is important. We need to know that our lives have changed. We’ve increased our needs and with that the amount of hard work which we need to put in order to survive has also gone up. Accepting our life as the way we’re living it is important. Stop seeing your daily chores as stress, they make up your life and that’s about it.

Stop stressing about the fact that you’re stressed and you’ll see for yourself that there wasn’t any stress ever in the first place.



Is Marriage the Ultimate Destination of our Lives: India

Okay, so…I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I’m having a lazy one at home with family. It’s all about..watching television, reading a few posts, eating my favorite meal and about taking a super short break from work.

Coming to television, a talk show, Zindagi Live caught my attention today. The issue being talked about gripped me and instigated some thoughts. Today the show was covering ‘zindagi-ies’ of three women..three divorced women.. three women who were happy with their lives after divorce. It was wonderful to hear them talk about the happiness this decision had brought to their lives. You see the confidence in their eyes.

How is marriage such an important part of our lives? We, Indians.. are we born and brought only for this one thing?

You’re born..You go to a good school, because you need good education..You need good education, because you need good professional degree. You need a degree for a job..and a Job for a good spouse..!! AND THAT’S IT..!! We know the part post marriage..there’s love..there’s honeymoon..moons..then there are kids..and then..its about you taking care of your kids..!! Your live’s finished..Your personal identity is gone..the gone !!

Have you goofed up, already!!

Why is marriage so important? I mean.. you’re toiling hard for what..!! To earn live a good be financially secure and to enjoy your life..this should only be about it..!! How does marriage get to play a bigger part?

**Ok..Ok..I know there might be people who are smitten by this marriage thing, but let’s talk about the majority of Indians.**

You’re 22..You’re young..People around look at you with popping eyeballs..they’re more interested in knowing your marriage plans while their marriage is still struggling. I mean..what duhhh..fhh..!!

Marriage shouldn’t be an agenda. We need to understand that there are things to be done in life beyond marriage. A person needs to chalk out their own identity before being associated to someone else’s.

Specially, Women..Its stupid to get married because you’ve turned 28 and all your friends are sailing off to their honeymoons. You don’t want to end up in doing this.

You don’t want to end cursing yourself!

Getting married because you’re parents think its time isn’t a sensible thing to do. Love or Arrange, marriage should happen to a person when he’s ready..socially, mentally and financially.

Even if marriage does not happen to you eventually..don’t go mad..Its not the end of the world.. Go ahead, chase the ends of the world and make the most of your ‘single-hood’. If its meant to will be..

At least you’re no marriage decision will save you from this :

Marriage: the Line of Control

Some famous marriage quotes :

Marriage works best for men than women. The two happiest groups are married men and unmarried women.

Gloria Steinem

Marriage is really tough,because you have to deal with feelings…and lawyers.

Richard Pryor

Before you make your big decision..Think…Think hard…Think harder…Think the hardest you can..!!

Like a Stone on the Road

Walking on a road, I was walking and the world around me was running a marathon. The traffic lights were flashing red, green, yellow like they were reciting a pious mantra. The cars, the buses–the vehicles were blowing horns in unison. The world was set up on the fast forward mode or maybe, it was me who was playing myself in slow motion–either way. *The hustle-bustle*

Nobody with no extra time to stop and stare, at the things around. Shouting in such a place would be no less than a cry in the wilderness.

Kicking a few pebbles, I was slowly moving towards a junction. I was kicking the stones on the road and they were moving forward. I brought a stone 100 meters from its initial position and it was then, when nebulous thoughts crossed my mind and I just couldn’t help myself compare myself ( the life as a human) to the stone. I stood still, staring at the stone and comparing our situations.

How I kicked it, dragged it, stepped on and pushed it. The stone went out of my way and I brought it back to be kicked again. And then, I, you and we; being kicked and pushed by the social pressures to move forward in life. Being dragged by the peers to stay in sync with them and finally when distracted, brought back to the same path of mental trauma for being pushed and kicked again. Just like the stone, there is no clear destination where the human life has to reach. Our destinations, goals and aims are mere projection of the social pressures coupled with formless images of our desires.

We’re studying because the world around us is studying. We’re being dragged.

We want a good career because the society won’t let us live otherwise. We’re being pushed.

We want money to survive. We’re driven by materialism.

It was funny how kicking a small stone and our lives in this human form could be compared with such an ease. I never knew kicking stones would trigger such an abreaction out of me.

I stared at the stone for a little while again trying to make peace with my thoughts.

Bottom Line : ” You are no less than an aimless stone if your goals are merely driven by the rules of the society”


World’s ‘We want to look good’ obsession

” Do you think I should braid my hair ? “

” Should I wear this blue shirt or that green one with these black pants ? “

” Do you think my nose looks a little absurd ? I think I need a nose job. “

” I am looking fat in this dress. “

Apart from food, water, oxygen, work and social networking, these statements form a part of our daily life too. Today, life has gained a competitive edge. It is literally chasing the speed of light. Everyone wants to be the best in everything, be it academics, co-curriculum activities and what not. Looking good is another grand aspect of everyone’s life today. From a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old, everybody wants to look good. Wanting to look good is practically a form of mass-obsession today. We want to look good 24/7; while at work, while at school/college, while shopping, while going out with friends, while eating, while sleeping, technically, while breathing. Choosing the right clothes, the right shoes and everything else to match is a big every morning project for each of us today.

Why do we want to look good is the question here. Looking good is more of necessity today than it is a desire. Personal grooming adds a lot of confidence to our lives. Today looking good is about presenting yourself in the best possible way. Everyone has his/her own reason to look good. Men and Women, both have a few similar and lot of different reasons to look good.



Women want to look good because they are women. We know how women are famous for spending a good amount of time admiring themselves in the mirrors.

Always and forever, diamonds and mirrors will be a woman’s best friends.

Also we are aware about the fact that the majority of money that a beauty salon makes is from a woman’s pocket. Looking good is nothing new for women. Use of lipstick can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamian society. From Cleopatra to Kristen Stewart, good looks and grooming oneself have always been the prime issues for women. Seems legit to state that women are biologically coded to have a desire to look good. Today, news some reasons have found their ways to the list of why women want to look good.

Women feel its necessary to look immaculate professionally as well as personally. On the professional front, it is considered cliché to look good and presentable. It’s a method of maintaining a personal identity; an impression. Of course, wooing the boyfriends and grabbing some green-eyed attention has always been the reasons when it comes to the personal grounds.


It’s not just about women when it comes to looking good. Men have been showing equal interests in grooming themselves for better looks. From facials to tweezing the eyebrows, now-a-days, a man makes sure he follows his regular grooming regime. For them, looking good is about grabbing attention from the girl and maintaining a lofty professional strata.

Is my left profile better than my right profile?

Men are more obsessed with fashion statements at times than women. **How can we forget to mention the love for shoes that men display almost everywhere.**


All this look good, being prim and proper has laid ample effects on the society. It’s positive to look good but being obsessed with looking good is not socially healthy. We, as a society have become driven by superficiality. Maintaining a balance is important. Not everything that glitters is gold, is what we need to absorb. No doubt, good looks lay a strong personality but there are other binding factors too that get ignored under the shine of good looks. If it is mandatory to look good, it is also mandatory to feel good on the inside, as a person.