Quill Tattoo, Teesha Bhasin
The tattoo which means a lot to me. *Power*

And then, she sat down to write the finest story. It was going to be about her. She did not want to push her thoughts. Their natural flow is what she wanted to jot down on paper. She wanted to see how far her natural flair and creativity could go. She was done with fabricating her thoughts for the world to read it. She did not want fancy words to add volume to her story. She did not want to edit her draft. She did not want to re-write.

She wanted to be the writer who experienced the moment and wrote it down in a way that it could be re-lived by her and the people around her just like it originally was. She did not want to stop typing. She did not want to use backspace and she knew that this was going to be big. She wanted this for herself. She wanted to write endlessly. Maybe she wanted to lift the fear, the burden off her shoulders, her heart. And, the least of it, she knew she was going to get what she wanted. It was staring right at her. She had locked her gaze with it and she was going to get it. What was it? It wasn’t success. It wasn’t liberty. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t beauty. It wasn’t fame!! Then what was it?

 It was the belief that she could be what she wanted to be. Her pen could make her what she yearned for. Her pen could weave a place for her where there is love, success, liberty, beauty, fame and peace! She believed it and she was going to do it. She was going to use her pen as the wand that would bring everything she wanted in life on paper.

For her the words she penned down were not made of ink. They were her emotions and her dreams which took the blue-black hue. She wanted her feelings to be woven into a garland of beautiful words. Words that flew effortlessly on paper. Words which sounded the simplest but had the deepest meanings. She wanted her words to be subtle yet strong, dark yet lively, funny yet sensitive. She wanted that kind of thing for herself and her writing. She wanted to drain every drop of feelings and thoughts that she had, on paper. She wanted to see them out of her mind and heart, right infront of her. She wanted brilliance. She wanted grace and most of all, she wanted ELOQUENCE!



Tattoos Bring Strength

Tattoos Bring Strength

I absolutely love tattoos. They bring you confidence and strength, Also the power to make decisions for life. Tattoos are beautiful. I love the colors used in these tattoos.